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Natalia Oreiro on “Santa Evita”: “My family was the engine that helped me gain the confidence to write this role”

“The Information Secretary of the Nation has fulfilled the extremely painful duty of notifying the people of the Republic that at 8:25 pm, the Spiritual Head of the Nation, Mrs. Eva Peron, has passed away”, This was the phrase that resonated on the night of 26 July 1952. A political figure died and the myth was born. Seventy years have passed since that day, which is again on the main stage this Tuesday. with the premiere of “Save the Saints” On the stage Star+.

avoid Natalia Oreiro Dies at the beginning of “the first chapter of the series which is based on the book of the same name”. Thomas Eloy Martinez Where, although the life of the former First Lady is told, Specifically reviews everything that happened after her death and her body that was missing and defiled for 16 years.

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

“It was a great commitment. I did it with a lot of love and heart. This is a huge responsibility, because there is no doubt that she is the most important female political figure in Argentina and Latin America.” says the actress in an exclusive interview with People Talking about what it means for him to represent such an important character in the politics of the region.

“I did an amazing exploration of film, audio-visual material to create the character. I wanted to hear it. Then I started working with two coaches who were with me throughout the process—Maria Laura Burch (actor) and Mariana Burch (vocals). Tells the actress who shares with the cast dario grandinetti, Ernest Alterio, Francisco Orella You Diego Velazquez,

– What was your reaction when you got the offer?

Actually, I got an offer to do a casting because an actress was looking for him to explain it. I said: ‘Okay’. I wanted to see if there was something about my complexion or my energy as an artist that the directors—Rodrigo García and Alejandro Maciles—might think I could do. A casting tends to be nerve-wracking and with less time to prepare. Finding a character that takes months isn’t the same as casting for a week, but I left myself up to fate to decide. When he said yes, the feeling was: ‘I’m not going to be able to do it, I don’t know if I have the equipment.’

-By the way, Natalia Oreiro also does casting …

-Yes. The most interesting thing was that he didn’t call me by my name or because of my journey as an actress. They were looking for a certain color and I had to audition to see if it even existed. I never dreamed of playing him. Even though I saw him as a wonderful character, I don’t know if I was ready to do it. So doing a test gave me some degree of security.

– What message do you want to convey?

I wanted to see that magnetism, that power, the conviction and courage of a woman who was encouraged in her forties and fifties not to be afraid of power to fight for her beliefs.

Dario Grandinetti And Natalia Oreiro Are The Sons Of Juan Domingo Perón And Eva Duarte.
Dario Grandinetti and Natalia Oreiro are the sons of Juan Domingo Perón and Eva Duarte.

– I think this is something that represents you …

Yes, it creates admiration for me as a woman. The one who represents me is its core. Eva was convinced of what people needed because she had them. He is the most true. Afterwards, everything he did was important: he valued women.

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

– What did you know about Eva?

-excess. She was a woman whom he had always admired for all her social connections and strength. At such a young age, at a time when women were unlikely to exist, she has achieved many rights for women and the most vulnerable sectors.

– Which was the hardest scene?

-all! Even the people I didn’t talk to were complicit. To play the role of someone who was present and who had so much weight in the history of the country is a huge responsibility. I never said ‘I relax in this scene’ because, even when I was playing Eva’s corpse, what was happening was so strong it’s hard to be oblivious.

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

-Undoubted. It’s not just about lying down and mentally escaping the context…

-No. It went through me emotionally to be able to understand that part of the story. Men in total possession of a woman’s body. This is difficult to understand. very painful. When Peron is overthrown, Eva’s corpse is stolen as it is used as a symbol. I think throughout the series people have to wonder where that body is.

Natalia Oreiro On &Quot;Santa Evita&Quot;: &Quot;My Family Was The Engine That Helped Me Gain The Confidence To Write This Role&Quot;
Natalia Oreiro with Ernesto Alterio (Colonel Muri Koening)

-Tomas Eloy Martinez’s book was a best seller that presented a game between fantasy and reality. How do you manage that fine line in an audiovisual product that already crosses Argentina’s barriers?

It is what is generated around this story that you write. For many it was real. Although it was based on real events as Tomas did a lot of research, there is a lot of fiction.

Juliet Diazzo’s Key Advice

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

Nacha Guevara, Laura Novoa, Juliette Diaz, Eleonora Wexler, Juliette Cardinelli You Madonna, Internationally, there are few stars who have put themselves in the shoes of recognized “Standard Bearer of the Humble”. Now the list is also added by the River Plate artist who has worked to infuse his essence in this iconic character.

-I think the people who play Evita manage to move on and stay in history, did you take anything from the other allies as they interpreted it?

I have seen all your work. I base myself more on what Argentine actresses did. It is recognizing that there is something of Eva in all of their work, a special complexion. I see Eva when I look at them and it gave me some hope of finding my own Eva.

– Did he give you any advice?

-Julita Diaz one day told me not to try to imitate her. That advice was wonderful because the worst thing an actor can do is be an influence. Beyond the fact that I’ve done vocal and physical work and there’s some beauty to it, it would be like a very rough cut. You have to work more on the subtleties, manage to get into the moment, and try to think like it. What I am saying is very difficult.

Natalia Oreiro In One Of The Scenes &Quot;Saint Avoid&Quot;
Natalia Oreiro in a scene from “Santa Evita”

Natalia Oreiro talks about the major support of her family

Natalia Oreiro On &Quot;Santa Evita&Quot;: &Quot;My Family Was The Engine That Helped Me Gain The Confidence To Write This Role&Quot;
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

-I go back to how iconic the character is, what it was like to come home and tell the family about the proposal?

At home they were very happy for me because they knew this was a very important thing. They trust me more than me. That aside, it’s okay because they tell me ‘you can’ and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to. It speaks to my great comrades.

– How did they come to you in this process?

-In the case of my son, he supports me by waiting, understanding that the hours (for work) are long, that there is too much rehearsal … and my partner encourages me, listens and even That even records me so that I could rehearse. That’s about it. It is the love that one does, which is my profession as an actress, and the love of those who are with you and are happy for your achievements.

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

-You mentioned the doubts that arose when the proposal came and the circle closed with it: your family’s encouragement. Were they the engine that was missing to be accepted and trusted?

-They’re always that engine! OK, I accepted immediately. The fact of going to the casting assumed that I wanted to do it. But with confirmation came the logical fear that we might have before something important arrived.

Atahualpa’s professional future, pampered at home

Natalia Oreiro In Dialogue With The Guys.  (Photo: Diego Garcia)
Natalia Oreiro in dialogue with the guys. (Photo: Diego Garcia)

With parents with a strong artistic impression, can you imagine following in the footsteps of any of you in the future?

-Not now. I see him a lot. He really likes what his parents do, he supports us a lot, but he has not openly expressed that he wants to do something related to us. He likes a little bit of everything. He is ten years old and he is experimenting. I want him to be happy in whatever he wants, just like my parents were with me.

How do you find the famous balance to be present at home considering you have a lot of work to do?

A bit like all working moms or dads. One divides care. Atahulpa is a boy who supports me a lot in my work, but he is already in school and he can’t remember that much. Travel with me, we come and go. We scramble. I have an ordinary life with an extraordinary job. Outside the lights, the makeup, the costumes… it’s something I chose to do and it’s amazing that I get paid to do it. Although the hours of this profession are rare, one has to set some boundaries for it to be a normal thing in one’s life…and then only when you are a mom!

-And when the lights go out on the recording set, how’s Natalia Oreiro?

-I don’t know! (laughs) I hope to be a good mother. I try to be the best I can be, but I have a long way to go to become who I want to be. I am learning and I have a wonderful son who was touched by this mother.

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