National Holidays – This is where the members of the Federal Council give their holiday speeches


In these communities, members of Bundesrat give holiday speeches. Some federal celebrations begin the day before August 1.

The day before 1 August, Lucerne will receive Health Minister Alain Berset for a speech on the national holiday. His Federal Council colleague Simonetta Somaruga will give her holiday speech on the same day at Sas-Balen (VS).

In addition to various other communities, Beel is also bringing forward its official national celebration on a day. Similarly, one of the few fireworks in Switzerland goes off on the Rhine in Basel on Sunday evening. Due to dry soil, fire is banned in many cantonments and thus fireworks are also banned. An overview of the ban on fire and fireworks can be found here.

Speech by federal councilors on August 1

The marathon of Federal Council speeches is really getting underway on Monday: Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis has four performances – and thus the most intense program ever. Finance Minister Uli Maurer speaks on three occasions, Interior Minister Burset on two.

On August 1 there is a one-off appearance by Minister of Energy, Transportation and Communications Somaruga, Minister of Defense Viola Amherd, Minister of Justice Karin Keller-Sutter and Minister of Economics Guy Parmelin. Chancellor Walter Turnheer also addresses a festival community.

federal council national festival venue
Ignatius Cassis (federal president) 01.08. Morning: Farm Brunch in Knonau (ZH)
01.08. afternoon: Grenchen (SO)
01.08. From 5 pm onwards: Lausanne, Platform 10 (VD)
01.08. Abend: Lausanne, Ouchi (Fireworks) (VD)
Ellen Berset 31.07.: Lucerne (LU)
01.08.: Stein am Rein (SH)
01.08.: Bellerive (VD)
uli maurer 01.08.: Dietlicon (ZH)
01.08.: Nunkarch (SH)
01.08.: Marbacheg (LU)
simoneta somaruga 31.07.: Mother-in-law (USA)
01.08.: Friborg (FR)
Guy Parmelin 01.08.: Farmer’s Brunch Halfbees Burley-Shirli, Oberwald (VS)
01.08.: Sesa (Tresa Municipality) (TI)
Karin Keller-Sutter 01.08.: Moleson (FR)
viola emherdo 01.08.: Winterthur (ZH)
Walter Thornher (Vice Chancellor) 31.07.: Blatton (Lotschantal, VS)


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