Nationals warn Nicholls voters not to vote independent for “our nation’s future”

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National Party deputy leader David Littleproud has warned voters in Nicholls that if they do not elect a coalition candidate to the seat, the coalition will lose government.

Mr Littleproud was speaking at a press conference in Ardmona, near Shepparton, to release the coalition’s agriculture plan.

He said they were confident they would do well in Nicholls but cautioned voters against choosing an independent.

Mr Littleproud said the people of Nicholls were “at the nexus of our nation’s future”.

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“They are probably about to make one of the biggest decisions in their futures and in our nation’s future and so we just say to them be very careful about what you vote for.”

He said Labor only needed to win three or four seats from the coalition because they would get help from independents to form government.

“Anthony Albanese only needs seven seats to win but he doesn’t need to get there by himself. He can get there with independents,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Unfortunately, our magic number to win isn’t 76, it’s actually 77 because we have to provide a speaker and there’s only one independent that said they will support us.”

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Independent candidate for the seat of Nicholls Rob Priestly says Mr Littleproud’s comments are designed to create fear.,Nation World News,

Independent candidate hits back at comments

Independent candidate for Nicholls Rob Priestly has labeled Mr Littleproud’s comments as fearmongering.

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