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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Naxalite attack in Chhattisgarh, strangled 2 policemen: Third incident in 23 days

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— Naxalite attack again in Chhattisgarh, strangled 2 policemen: You can read the article on the third incident in 23 days on the Opindia website —

Naxalite attacks are increasing in Chhattisgarh. Now in the last 3 days, the third Naxalite attack has surfaced here. Two policemen were killed just half a kilometer from Bheji police station in Sukma district. This incident has come at a time when the misery of killing 22 paramilitary forces in Naxalites in Bijapur is not forgotten. In the recent case, both the deceased were stationed at the sending police station.

There is also a police camp near the police station. On Thursday (April 15, 2021), the two soldiers were going towards the market by bike, when someone stopped their path and strangled them with a sharp weapon and escaped. The villagers have also remained silent about this attack. SP KL Dhruv has just said that the matter is being investigated. Identification of the deceased soldiers of Punem Haram and Dhaniram Kashyap Took place is.

Quoting rural sources, the media has expressed fears that a ‘small action team’ of Naxalites may be behind this attack. There are only two or four Naxalites in this squad but they make small attacks with dangerous weapons. These teams keep an eye on the policemen exiting the camp. These Naxalites live as a common man among the villagers and due to their influence it is very difficult to identify them.

Policemen often go to the market for work where the incident took place. Police had received information that both the soldiers were lying on the road, after which she reached the spot. Both were lying young and blood was continuously coming out of their throats. By the time the police arrived, he was dead. Now, with the help of the villagers, the police is engaged in naxalites and apprehending the culprits.

Earlier, the soldiers who were patrolling in Bijapur were trapped in a U-shape array and their firing was jammed by blocking the exit route. 23 soldiers were sacrificed. A young Rakeshwar Singh was kidnapped, but then abandoned after the government’s efforts. Similarly, on April 3, 5 soldiers were sacrificed in an encounter with Naxalites in Bijapur district of Bastar division of Chhattisgarh. 9 Naxalites were also killed.

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