Nazar A.* loses hundreds of francs to SMS scammers

Nazar A.* loses hundreds of francs to SMS scammers

He got an SMS – supposedly from the post office. After a while, Nazar A.* lost hundreds of francs. The Zurich Cantonal Police is aware of this scandal.

Nezar A.* became a victim of SMS phishing. – nine.cho


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  • Nazar A.* receives an SMS this month – supposedly from the post office.
  • He will be asked to pay the shipping cost for one package.
  • But behind the SMS are fraudsters who charge his credit card around 500 francs.

Great post for the ignorant Swiss! Fraudsters posing as Swiss Post are currently doing pranks via SMS. Victims of fraud assume that they will pay a few francs for shipping costs. Instead, several hundred francs will be charged to your credit card. reader Nezar A.* fell victim to this scam. He recounts how scammers tricked him: “There was an SMS from the post office. It said I had to pay 2.50 euros for the package.”

He wasn’t suspicious—after all, he was actually expecting a delivery. He clicked on the link and submitted the credit card information stored in his phone. “I pushed, everything went,” Nazer says. “I thought 2.50 euros had been transferred.”

Have you ever been the victim of a scam?

But after a while, when he checked the transaction in the credit card app, there was a shock: instead of 2.50 euros, about 500 francs were booked! According to the app, the recipient is in Saudi Arabia.

Capo Zurich recommends doubting SMS

Nazer immediately contacts the credit card company – but they can’t help it: The money is gone.

After calling the credit card company, Nazer reports the police. The Zurich Cantonal Police is already aware of this sordid scam.

Carmen Surber, media spokesperson for Capo Zurich, explains: If you become a victim of fraud it is important to block your credit card immediately. – nine.cho

Media spokeswoman Carmen Surber explains how you can protect yourself: “It is very important that you treat such SMS carefully and be suspicious.” This includes thinking about what you ordered and when the shipment should arrive.

In addition, Surber insists that the sender’s phone number should be reported to the cantonal police. “This is how we are able to block such mobile phone numbers.”

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