Neal Morse will celebrate his festival for the first time in the United Kingdom


The American Neal Morse announced that it plans to take over their activity Morsefest for the first time in the United Kingdom and the second time in Europe. It has a date: January 2024.

The annual event has been held in their country for a decade, specifically in Tennessee. In these festivals, he combines his love for his religious cult of Christianity in the evangelical church with his usual companions and musical companions.

In 2024 he plans a special event celebrating his solo albums. Testimony ‘Proof 2’, which was well celebrated by their fans, despite their religious theme.

In 2023, Morse brought Morsefest to Zoertemeer in the Netherlands, where it held its festival in August. After the success, he planned this time for the United Kingdom, together with his lover Neal Morse Band (NMB).

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Morse explained: “After the great response to ‘Proof’ and ‘Proof 2’ in the United States and Europe this summer, we thought about how we could repeat it elsewhere (…) some doors were closed -an, but we are excited to announce that the first weekend of Morsefest in the United Kingdom will take place on January 12 and 13, 2024.”

Soon he will offer more details about the organization of the event: “You have questions and we will share all the details as they are finished. Band) that rocked the shows on Friday and Saturday at night, an Inner Circle concert on Saturday, and a church service on Sunday. The venue will be in Greater London, with a larger capacity than other events, so we hope to see many of you there”.


Once the exact formation of the Neal Morse Band is finalized, we will almost certainly find it in the UK Mike Portnoy and so on.

It should be noted that this year Neal Morse released another solo album, with a religious theme: ‘The Dreamer – Joseph: Part One’, through the Frontiers label.


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