Nearly half a million units per year!

Nearly half a million units per year!

When? Elon Musk decided to build a factory on European soil, not everyone thought it was the best idea in the world. Construction was full of problems and delays which led to the postponement of the opening date. Although 22 March 2022 The plant celebrated its opening party.

There were ambitious plans for the fourth Tesla plant in the world and now we can know that, after overcoming all the obstacles, the Berlin Gigafactory is already one of the factories Most efficient and fastest in Europe,

However, problems do not stop appearing. The industrial situation in Europe is critical. Various conflicts are weakening and testing supply lines. The clashes in the Red Sea are becoming a real headache for factories. Stopping is normal practice.

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In mid-January, Tesla had no choice but to announce the closure of production at the Berlin factory. The two-week hiatus ultimately lasted longer than expected. Activity is resumed gradually, adjusting the pace of work to the existing supply.

The Berlin plant wants to expand, but local authorities prevent it.

With the intention of tripling the production rate to 6,000 units per week

There is no doubt that this stoppage has come at the worst time for the interests of the factory. As the center’s director believes, Andre Thierig, According to a German outlet, just before the problems, the Berlin Gigafactory had reached an impressive production rate: 6,000 units per week, This is the highest assembly rate ever known for a German factory. A year earlier, in March 2023, workers had celebrated production of 5,000 units per week. The pace has been increasing bit by bit over the last 12 months. It doesn’t seem like much, but looking back, it’s impressive.

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As we have already said, the factory had many problems starting activity, although it soon reached cruising speed that has allowed it to grow continuously. The challenge for 2023 was to reach a production of 5,000 units per week and this has been achieved. Tesla does not want to give a clear objective for 2024 given the instability in the supply line. Despite this, the Americans want to expand the German headquarters to speed up assembly work. However, once again he is facing problems with the local authorities. The government does not approve this operation for environmental reasons. Negotiations are ongoing, although progress is slow.

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Although the year has started with disruptions, the Tesla factory in Berlin is operating at breakneck speed.

In parallel with production, the Berlin Gigafactory is increasing its workforce. Currently, the center is functioning 12,500 employees, This quantity is expected to increase once the authorities allow expansion of the factory after the problems are resolved. the next challenge is More than one million units are produced per year, Currently, if we take 6,000 units per week as a reference, the plant is capable of producing 312,000 cars in 12 months, Tripling production may seem excessive, but Tesla has already shown that it is capable of achieving it over time.


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