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Neem bark prevents boils, ringworm and itching. Diabetes control with Arjun bark, know the Ayurvedic uses of tree bark

Since ancient times, people have used things obtained from trees. Trees are useful to humans in every way. There are many trees whose leaves, roots and bark are also very useful. Today “Jan Jahan” In dr. R. Learn about the medicinal properties of tree barks from P. Parashar.

Diabetes control with Arjuna bark

The botanical name of Arjuna is Terminalia Arjuna. The raw fruit of Arjuna is green and brownish red when ripe. Its bark and fruits are mainly used for medicinal purposes. Many types of chemical elements are found in the bark of Arjuna, of which calcium carbonate, sodium and magnesium are important.

Taking Arjuna bark powder with three to six grams of jaggery, honey or milk two to three times a day is very beneficial for heart patients. By the way, Arjuna bark powder can be taken by boiling it with tea. Add a spoonful of this powder while making tea. This controls high blood pressure. Drink 1 or 2 glasses every morning and evening. This opens the clogged arteries.

Ashoka bark relieves period pain

It is said that the tree under which one does not become sad is called Ashoka. The botanical name of Ashoka is Saraca Indica. Grind the Ashoka bark and filter it through a cloth. If women boil and drink 10 grams of Ashoka bark in 250 grams of milk, their period pains will be relieved.

Soak equal amounts of Ashoka bark and flowers in water overnight. Filter this water and drink it in the morning. Drinking 40 to 50 ml of Ashoka bark decoction stops bleeding in bloody hemorrhoids.

Amalta bark is effective for fever and weakness.

This tree with yellow flowers that hang like a chandelier is often planted in gardens because of its beauty. The botanical name of Amaltas is Cassia Fistula. In addition to glycosides, stem bark tannins, root bark tannins, anthraquinone, flavofins and fruit pulp, chemicals such as sugar, pectin and gluten are also found in the leaves and flowers of Amaltas. Stomach pain can be significantly relieved if the bark of the trunk is chewed raw. To relieve fever and weakness, take a pinch of myrobalan, myrobalan, amla and amaltas fruits, grind them in equal quantities and boil them in water. About five milliliters of honey are added and given to the patient after it has cooled down.

Kill lice with neem bark

The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta Indica. Neem contains margosin, nimbidin, nimbosterol, nimbinin, stearic acid, olivic acid, palmitic acid, alkaloids, glucosides and fatty acids etc. When juice is made by grinding neem leaves and applied to hair, lice die.

Chewing the soft pink leaves of neem and sucking the juice relieves diabetes. Its bark is used to cure boils, ringworm and itching on the skin. To do this, rub it with water and apply it to the infected area. Diabetes is kept under control by taking 1-1 teaspoon of powder daily before meals.

Acacia tree bark helps in parenting

The acacia tree is full of medicinal properties. Eliminates infertility in women and sperm deficiency in men. Boiling 20 grams of acacia bark in 400 ml of water and drinking the remaining decoction three times a day helps control menstrual bleeding.

Kachnar tree bark

The botanical name of Kachnar is Bauhinia Variegata. It is also called gold and silver leaves. Herbal experts recommend boiling the roots in water and drinking them to relieve joint pain and swelling. The use of this water significantly reduces the pain and swelling area. In case of diabetes, the patient should chew the raw buds every morning on an empty stomach.

Gunda tree bark

It is a huge tree whose leaves are smooth. Tribal people often chew its leaves like betel leaves. It is also known as Rethu. Take about 200 grams of its bark and boil it with the same amount of water. When a quarter of it remains, gargling with it relieves swollen gums, toothache and mouth ulcers. It is beneficial if a mixture of bark broth and camphor is prepared and massaged into the swollen areas.

Not only the leaves of trees but also their bark are used to treat diseases.

Bark of Jamun tree

The botanical name of Jamun is Syzygium cumini. Elements like iron and phosphorus are present in Jamun. Jamun is also rich in choline and folic acid. Giving two grams of blackberry seed powder to children will prevent children from urinating on the bed. Take about 50 grams of fresh jamun leaves and grind the juice in a blender with water (300 ml), filter this water and gargle, this will completely eliminate mouth ulcers.

Bark of the eucalyptus tree

This tree is quite tall and thin. When eucalyptus oil is used for body massage, it relieves severe swelling and body pain. Tribal peoples believe that the effects of eucalyptus oil increase with age. Its oil is considered beneficial for colds and chronic coughs.

Bark of Palash tree

In case of movement disorders, feeding Palash chewing gum provides relief. Palash seeds can be ground in lemon juice and applied to the areas suffering from ringworm, scabies and itching.

Bark of the peepal tree

In case of mouth ulcers, gargling with the powder made from peepal bark and leaves provides relief. The special thing about Peepal is that it completely eliminates skin problems like leprosy, boils, ringworm and itching. You can grind peepal bark and apply it on the skin.

Bark of a falsa tree

If you have anemia, ripe phalsa fruits should be eaten as it increases blood circulation. If there is a burning sensation in the body, taking phalsa fruits or sorbet in the morning and evening provides relief. When pus comes out from pimples on face, applying ground phalsa leaves dries the pus and the pimples are cured.

Banyan tree bark

The banyan tree is dense and sprawling. The botanical name of the banyan tree is Ficus benghalensis. If you have burning sensations when urinating, it is helpful to take ten grams of fine powder of the aerial roots of the banyan tree, two grams each of white cumin and cardamom together with fresh cow’s milk. If fine banyan hair fibers are ground and the paste is applied on ringworm and itching, it is definitely beneficial.

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