Negotiations in the Constitutional Council fail

Fracasan negociaciones en el Consejo Constitucional

Earlier this week, nine center-left think tanks presented a list of 11 “red lines” regarding Republican Party amendments that they said would spell Democratic setbacks for the country. These include, among other things, impunity for crimes against humanity, the constitutionalization of the Isapres and the AFP.

The ruling Unidad para Chile party called on the Republican Party and Chile’s Vamos parties to withdraw their amendments with the aim of moving forward with a transversal agreement.

Council member Alejandro Köhler (PS) said: “Given this context and with a deep motivation of democratic responsibility, we invite the Republican Party and Chile. Let us call on all benches to collectively withdraw all amendments presented. “We believe that this is the only way we will be able to advance an overarching political agreement to deliver a better constitution for Chile.”

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In a sign of opening, Republicans backtracked and withdrew four amendments, including the one that would bar children of illegal aliens from gaining Chilean citizenship.

On the other hand, with the ruling parties abstaining, the creation of a new chapter creating the “National Service for Access to Justice and the Defense of Victims” was approved, and with ruling party votes, a new chapter on the armed forces was created. .

On Wednesday, the meetings in the commissions were suspended and a new negotiating table was installed, composed of five advisers and experts from the right and from the left, with the aim of trying again to reach an agreement between the groups. Negotiations continued into the early hours of Wednesday morning and continued into Thursday afternoon.

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Councilor Luis Silva (PR) emphasized: “A logic of all or nothing, a logic of negotiations without nuances, without partisanship, as you know, we met at a negotiating table that started working around 9 p.m. in the evening and almost at 3 p.m “In the morning we put an end to it because the ruling party’s bank, represented by four specialist commissioners and an advisor, gave us a condition that could not be met. He has excluded from the package of topics that we can discuss all the topics that have already been voted on in the Commission.”

After the various calls for dialogue, the so-called “final table” was formed, which also failed, so the vote was resumed without transversal agreements.

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When voting on amendments resumed on Thursday in the Commission on Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights, the Popular Standard Initiative was defeated and received more support in citizens’ signatures. “Chile for the animals.” Let us remember that this initiative aimed to consecrate animals as sensitive beings and required the state to promote their protection through education.

The commissions must complete their work in order to continue the debate in the plenary session of the Constitutional Council from September 12th.