Neighbors condemn rising prices of food and groceries amid reconstruction work after fire

Neighbors condemn rising prices of food and groceries amid reconstruction work after fire

Neighbors of sectors affected by last weekend’s devastating fire in the Valparaiso area are condemning increase in prices Some supplies needed during cleanup and reconstruction work in the area.

In particular, residents of Quilpué He says that the prices of basic goods like Food, water, medicines and construction materials.

“Products are more expensive”

In Meganotices Alert Journalist Kareem Batte spoke to two neighbors in the area beloto sur Who are contributing to breakfast for the victims and who have also warned about this increase in the prices of some products.

“(There has been an increase) in supermarkets, where you go shopping because you have to buy a little cheaper, But yes, the products are more expensive” said one of the neighbours.

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“The thing that has received the most attention is the increase in prices, because, for example, The sliced ​​bread you buy for $1,990 is worth $2,890 today., Water is scarce and expensive. So, we have to be more cooperative in this time of tragedy, I don’t know if it can be regulated or not,” said another volunteer.

for its part, mario A man who donated three prefabricated houses to affected residents of the area noted the increase in construction materials now needed to rebuild the homes of affected people.

“Wood is an excellent material and in these places it is the material that is used, and when you try to buy these materials you see that the prices have increased. Who is affected by that? These are the people who really need the wood. prices have already increased” the man explained.

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“For example, a material that was priced at $2,790 is now $3,180; Stuff that used to cost $1,790 is now $2,200,” Mario explained.

What can be done about rising prices?

Faced with this situation, Hernan Calderon The President of the National Corporation of Consumers and Users (Conadecas) explained that when a state of exception is imposed, as is the case in the provinces of Valparaíso and Marga Marga, sanctions are considered for those who speculate, Hoard and/or sell products at higher prices than usual.

“Here, what the neighbors have to do is report it to the presidential representative, they have the regional Sernac who has inspection power, they report it to the Carabineros. All authorities should be able to sanction these bookmakers who have these bad habits, So that they get approved and we have prices that are generally in the market” Calderon concluded.

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