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Neither taxi nor remi: Argentina’s electric car hits the streets as a patrol car

Cerro Electric, the Argentine electric car factory that operates in Castellar, announced in November 2022 that it is launching a new version of its largest ecological vehicle for four passengers, and that it will be used as a taxi or urban remi. as a way to slowly conquer the streets.

But none of these: its first model that will circulate through public space is the original, with only two seats, and with another function: it will Municipal surveillance patrol.

These days it was revealed that the municipality of Morone, the city where the leading automotive company in sustainable cars is located, included two units in the Civil Protection Fleet, the body that carries out surveillance and support functions for the police in the neighborhood.

The main rationale for the decision stems not from safety itself, but from the environment: having a fully electric motor, these are ecological vehicles.

One Of The Vehicles, Has Already Been Plotted And Is In Front Of The Municipality Of Morón.

One of the vehicles, has already been plotted and is in front of the municipality of Morón.

Elaborately, the two cars bought by the municipality are two-seaters, the ones the company usually makes so far for security companies, airports, hotels and large factories. The State Commission is a novelty, and unprecedented even in the Buenos Aires suburbs.

In addition, the type of work they will perform is to support the camera monitoring center, patrol and send alerts in case of an emergency, and intervene in situations that do not involve vehicle pursuit.

The cars that the commune incorporated into its civilian control fleet came from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the nation.

“We work every day on prevention and vehicle awareness, adding environmentally friendly equipment,” he assured about the decision to include Cerro Electric from the same region of the commune.

Where are they going to use them?

Since they were approved for driving on public roads, in 2029, the Cerro Electric can only run on roads and trails, as they are not suited to routes or highways. The maximum permitted speed they can reach is 50 kilometers per hour.

As it happened the municipality of Morón would assign them to patrol the center of Morón, one of the largest and busiest commercial hubs west of Greater Buenos Aires, where traffic is intense, pedestrianized streets, and high speeds are required. Not there.

These vehicles have a 5.6 horsepower electric motor, which is plug into 220 outlet Traditional VoLTE, as if it were a cell phone. Requires between full charging four and five hours, And the car is ready to go.

They Will Use Two Electric Cars To Monitor The Center Of Morrone, One Of The Most Important Commercial Poles West Of The Gba.

They will use two electric cars to monitor the center of Morrone, one of the most important commercial poles west of the GBA.

Among the main advantages that the Cerro offers, it is worth mentioning that with a full charge, a distance of 100 kilometers is covered, at an electricity cost of only 100 pesos. That is to say, electricity in this case is much cheaper than any other fuel.

Furthermore, there is no cost of lubricants, oils or filters in these electric cars. They have automatic gearbox with forward, reverse and neutral gears for easy operation. Its headlights and interior lights are fully LED to optimize energy consumption.

Market value of these cars for individual buyers of D 20 thousand dollarsTwo possibilities offered by the model, both for those with lithium batteries and those using lead batteries.

taxi version

Company that has a plant in the industrial park that is located within Moron Air Base on the south side Castellar, launched in late November Four-seater version of your brand. They thought about it for use in tourism and airport-interior locations, but they guessed it In the future, it could serve as a taxi or urban remi on the roads.

The Cerro Electric Factory Has Been In Castellar In The Western Region Of Greater Buenos Aires Since 2018.

The Cerro Electric factory has been in Castellar in the western region of Greater Buenos Aires since 2018.

This is the fourth vehicle approved by Cerro Electric, which It has a plant in the west since 2018. Like previous versions, it plugs into 220v and operates entirely on electricity. The charging and autonomy times are similar to those of the models purchased by the Municipality of Morone.

To carry more people (the driver and three other passengers) and for more weight, the new model incorporated a More powerful motor and a battery that guarantees autonomy Last sero electric and even better.

Factory Manager Pablo Naya, With One Of The Models Approved For Driving On Public Roads.

Factory manager Pablo Naya, with one of the models approved for driving on public roads.

“We had companies asking us to be able to do this model internally, or for airports and hotels. This new four seater version in the future We’re going to try to incorporate it into the taxi business Because we believe they can operate in the city”, speculated the company’s president, Pablo Naya.

The idea of ​​manufacturing electric cars in the country came in 2011When in Argentina following an agreement with a European company to develop the tooling with some modifications according to local tastes, Pablo Naya brought units with this type of engine from Italy.

Since there were no other factories of this type in the country, The new family had to struggle for three years until they got a law allowing the use of these vehicles. And then more than a year until homologation is obtained.

The Model That Was Approved To Circulate On Public Roads In 2019: In 2023 They Will Be Restyling That And Other Models.

The model that was approved to circulate on public roads in 2019: In 2023 they will be restyling that and other models.

Such was the company Sero Electric began operations at its Castellar factory in 2018 and It was the first in the country to approve an electric vehicle in 2019 under category L6, which corresponds to a motorized four-wheeled vehicle not exceed 50 km/hWith restricted movement in the city.

There are four models available today: Cerro Electric Sedan, High Cargo, Van and Long Low Cargo.

Cerro Electric Is Manufactured 100% In Argentina And They Are Starting To Export Parts To The Us And Brazil, So That It Can Be Assembled And Sold There As Well.

Cerro Electric is manufactured 100% in Argentina and they are starting to export parts to the US and Brazil, so that it can be assembled and sold there as well.

Pandemic hits Castelar company hard, shuts down manufacturing units till end of 2021, “We were practically stopped because the demand did not exist and we work on request, not on a large scale. Companies were not in a position to invest in mobility.

Today, future plans include a Restyling to modernize the aesthetics of all its existing models with new bodywork And, in addition, they anticipate faster battery charging, which will be primary if one thinks of using these cars as taxis.

The New Cerro Electric Has A Range Of About 100 Kilometers In Four To Five Hours Of Charging.

The new Cerro Electric has a range of about 100 kilometers in four to five hours of charging.

Besides, it is plans to expand to other countries, where the electric car market is highly developed. “With a Brazilian partner, We’re going to assemble our cars in Brazil, l We estimate that next year, and we will also send parts to be assembled at a company in the United States,” Naya said in November 2022, when the four-seater Cerro Electric is introduced.

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