Netflix has an ideal series to understand the conflict between Israel and Palestine


The conflict between Israel and Palestine is not new, but what shocked the world were the events of the morning of Saturday, October 7, when members of the terrorist group Hamas attacked Israel’s Gaza Strip.

In response to these attacks, Israeli authorities launched missiles into Palestinian territory, and its prime minister declared that the country was at war. So far, more than a thousand have been killed and dozens have been reported missing.

As the causes of these events are very complex, there are times when fiction helps to understand reality; So to understand what is happening in the Middle East, Netflix offers us one of the most recognized products in recent times.

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This is “Fauda”, an action thriller that depicts the conflict between Israel and Palestine, and which in recent times has aroused great interest from viewers around the world, who seek to understand it. a confrontation that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. , after World War II.

This series was created by journalist Avi Issacharoff and actor and screenwriter Lior Raz, based on their own experiences as members of an Israeli special operations unit and wanting to reveal some of the details they witnessed.

It must be said that Raz, in addition to creating the series, is also the protagonist and plays the role of Doron Kavillio, a soldier of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who comes out of retirement after being identified as a dangerous terrorist from in the group. Hamas, who I thought was dead, was found alive and planning a vicious attack against a synagogue.

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“Fauda” so far has four seasons of 12 episodes each. In each of these parts, the series focuses on a new mission arising from the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, focusing on the covert operations of a special Israeli unit known as “Mista’ arvim”, who are the agents they infiltrate Palestinian society. to fight terrorism.

In addition to combining action, drama, suspense and politics, one of the great achievements of the creators is the realism in which the situation and the brutality of the confrontation between Israelis and Palestinians are described.

Without falling into stereotypes or simplifications, the show received equal praise from specialist critics and users of the platform. In addition, Stephen King was encouraged to praise it a few years ago, when he said that he thought it was “a great Israeli thriller.

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Finally, we must say that at the beginning of September of this year, Netflix executives gave the green light for the series with the fifth installment. So far no details of the plot or confirmation of the release date have been revealed.