Netflix: Mel Gibson returns as an action hero in this film that has already reached the TOP 10

Netflix: Mel Gibson returns as an action hero in this film that has already reached the TOP 10

Netflix has positioned itself as one of the most used streaming platforms for people who want to occupy their free time. However, upon entering there, they encountered a problem they did not know what to see, because it has a huge catalog of movies and series. But there is an option to find out what are the most viewed products, as in the case of the film titled “One more day to die“.

Although there are different options to distract ourselves, one of them Netflix, the platform that always gives us series and movies for all tastes. It may seem like a benefit, but in fact it is not because we take the time to choose what to see and we are wasting precious time. That’s why we bring you this action movie starring Mel Gibson, called “One More Day to Die.”

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In this history what to see We closely follow the life of a former agent who lives trapped in a time loop, where he must escape from the dangerous situations he has been in. In addition to an interesting plot, the presence of the legendary actor Mel Gibson was added, who ventured into this type of stories for the first time. In his early days of Netflix One more day to die” reached the rank of the 10 most watched films of the week.

In the synopsis of this film what to see on Netflix, tells us the following: “Caught in a time loop that endlessly repeats the day of his murder, a former special forces agent must unravel the mystery surrounding his untimely death.” The movie “One more day to die” directed by Joe Carnahan and screenwriters Eddie Borey and Chris Borey. Although it was released in 2021, now the film is once again a trend among users.

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Rated for ages 16 and up, the film has plenty of action and comedy scenes that will give you a good time. With an excellent cast, including Mel Gibson, Frank Grillo and Naomi Watts, this story will keep you entertained until the end. So, if you don’t know what to see on Netflix One more day to die” can be one of the most interesting options.


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