Home Entertainment New Avada’s Rough Statement About Alcohol Addiction and Panic Attacks: “Once I Felt Like I Was Dying”

New Avada’s Rough Statement About Alcohol Addiction and Panic Attacks: “Once I Felt Like I Was Dying”

New Avada’s Rough Statement About Alcohol Addiction and Panic Attacks: “Once I Felt Like I Was Dying”

Naya Avada’s harsh statement about alcohol addiction and panic attacks

New Avada As never before about the most difficult time of his life and he revealed that he was dependent on alcohol to carry out his daily activities in the media. In addition, the artist recalled the panic attack he had during his time dance (El Tres) in 2017.

“I had a stage from 2017 to 2018, where I feel like I’ve completely lost myself. I was into someone. I entered a TV program, a super media reality show and walked for everything I was a girl and I didn’t understand that the media was fascinated by her. It always weighed me down a bit to be the daughter of a monster, my dad, I love him”mentioned in free beings (HD Chronicle).

“The price I had to pay was too high. He also worked in the bowling alleys at night. I was with the need to be in the wrong place. Casting millions and feeling like no one. Parameters, physical requirements. woman is required. At 15, those experiences were hard to bear,” he recalled. “That’s why when the reality show opportunity appeared, with a monster like Marcello Tinelli, I jumped in for the first time,” he said.

“Even at that time I was drinking. He drank a lot. Alcohol was leading to insecurity. I couldn’t stand the pressure of feeling ugly. The wine became a fortification. I’ll drink and go to a movie premiere event. It’s like I was kind of social phobic, I couldn’t go to an event without getting drunk. Why? because it was unsafe. Then in 2017 I had a panic attack and had to let go of reality”, he confessed.

The hard story of the new Avada’s alcohol addiction and panic attacks – Part 2

“My body told me ‘enough.’ That was the only way for me to stop. I could have ended up in a hospital because I was dancing drunk had I fallen off the stage at a show. Every Thursday I used to get addicted to alcohol”, reveals the artist.

“Instead of taking the experience in a positive way for me, I let myself… I was lost, it wasn’t the reality show’s fault. I can’t sleep, I worked at night, I fell asleep at 5 in the morning And if at 10 o’clock I had to record a note, I would have gone without sleep, ”he explained.

Then, how the new Avada had a panic attack that caused her to quit Marcelo Tinelli’s dance reality show: “Once it happened to me in the dressing room that I felt like I couldn’t breathe, that my chest was closing up . I thought I was dying. I started sweating, and everything around me was like being heard under water. I was in the fog, feeling dizzy.”

“My dancer grabbed me and took me to the bathroom. There I told him that I felt like he was having a panic attack. I understood that accumulated and unresolved anxiety could end in a panic attack. And I didn’t give that worry a ball and covered it with alcohol. My mother, who is a psychologist, helped me. After that I lost 15 kg, it took me months to recover. I was so hurt I couldn’t eat.”Complete.

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