New Bears CB Greg Strowman Looks Exactly Like the Aberfluss Guy

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The Chicago Bears have made a flurry of signings over the past few days to continue deepening their roster. Most fans were focused on tackling two offensive additions, wide receivers David Moore and Julie’Ann Davenport. People want to know if they can help Justin Fields at all. That made it easy to overlook the arrival of Greg Strowman. A productive cornerback at Virginia Tech, he was drafted in the 7th round by the Washington Commanders in 2018.

After a solid rookie season, where he played 15 games and started three, he has appeared in only five games since then due to multiple season-ending injuries. He briefly served on the Rams and Bills’ practice squad last season, but failed to break through to their main rosters. Now he’s hoping for a real opportunity in Chicago. Not a bad decision given the dubious depth of the bear. When the player himself is rated, it is no surprise that the team liked him.

In many ways, he plays the game exactly the way Matt Eberfluss wants him to be.

The Bears’ head coach demands that his cornerback attack wherever the football goes, either in the air or on the ground. Strowman checked those boxes coming out of college. In his final two seasons for the Hokies, he made three interceptions and got his hand 37% of the time the ball was thrown in his direction. He looks effortless and fluid in coverage, showing good instincts and toughness against every receiver he lines up against. Competence was not the main concern with him.

This was the size. Being 5’11 is already iffy for a cornerback, but the fact that he also weighs 182 pounds alerted the NFL. They were worried that their body might not reach the rigors of a pro game. Injuries in 2019 and 2020 confirmed his thinking. Greg Strowman is out to prove that those events were less trend and bad luck.

Bear giving him a shot was an easy call. He has enough ability to make it worth a flight. If he can stay healthy, he can at least have a quality #4 or #5 option.

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