New controversy over free tickets for Disney employees

New controversy over free tickets for Disney employees

MIAMI.- Imagine for a moment that you are an employee of Disney world and on a free day, enjoy the wonderful attractions with free passes and discounts on goods, food and drinks. What if someone tells you these benefits are “unethical”?

It turns out that the board members of the Tourism Inspectorate District Florida Central, named for Governor Ron DeSantis, They are not very happy with the way these privileges have been granted.

They allege that the millions of dollars in season passes and concessions given to county employees represent “unethical benefits” that should be discontinued.

According to the board, about $2.5 million in concessions and passes were awarded to district employees and their families last year before the newly appointed DeSantis officers took over the governing body.

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According to officials on the oversight board, it was a kind of “gift” that benefited Disney employees while the district footed the bill.

Some argue these benefits are similar to those university employees might receive, such as free tickets to sporting events or free tuition for family members.

According to a note from the AP agency, Richard Foglesong, a professor emeritus at Rollins College, suggests it could be a way to reward employees without necessarily hurting taxpayers.

To put it in context, the fight between DeSantis and Disney started last year. The company publicly opposed a state law banning sexual orientation and gender identity instruction in first graders.

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Later, through Republican-backed legislation, DeSantis took control of the district and appointed a new board of directors to manage city services for sprawling theme parks and hotels.

However, the authority of the new regulators was limited by the agreements signed by predecessors supporting Disney prior to their arrival.

In response, Florida lawmakers revoked these agreements, leading to both Disney suing DeSantis in federal court for violating the right to free speech and District suing against Disney in state court seeking to void the agreements to explain.

In short, the impasses between the parties still persist. Board members of the Central Florida Tourism Supervisory District say the benefits Disney provides are unethical, while others argue they are legitimate employee rewards.

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