New Ford Puma ST Powershift. a guy with manners

Ford Puma ST Powershift.

More and more SUV customers can now enjoy the Ford Performance driving experience – dynamic, responsive, rewarding and enjoyable. The American brand presents the new Ford Puma ST Powershift, which incorporates the most powerful version of Ford’s multiple award-winning 1.0 EcoBoost engine.

At 170 HP of power

Powered by 48-volt mild hybrid technology, the 1-speed manual engine delivers 170PS of power and 248Nm of torque, and is paired with a dual-speed Ford Powershift transmission with seven gearshifts. energetic driving sensations with everyday functionality.

It carries the new control technology moniker, and performance enhancements from the chassis optimization of the 1.5-liter Puma ST EcoBoost launched in 2020, with the addition of certain adjustments to the torsion bar and the stabilizing vector, as well as the force of the open vector springs.

In addition to the comfort of a compact SUV, uncompressed interior space and practical solutions like the Ford MegaBox, the versatile new Leopard ST Powershift brings the dynamic driving force of Ford Performance to a larger number of fans. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.4 seconds and the average consumption is 6.3 l/100 km.

The 48-volt mild hybrid technology found in the 1.0-liter EcoBoost Hybrid offered to Leopard customers with the launch of the SUV in 2019 has been fine-tuned to bring greater performance to the Puma ST Powershift.

‘Faster’ light hybridization

The mild Hybrid energy recovery system works faster than other applications for faster recharging of the 48-volt lithium-ion engines. This allows the Belt Drive Integrated Starter/Generator (BISG) to provide a longer period of torque supply to increase engine performance at low RPMs.

Additionally, energy recovery has been increased by adding an additional 10hp electric assist BISG to increase peak power.

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Ford Puma St Powershift.

Combined with a unique program of direct injection, turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, the result is an almost 10% increase in peak power over the 155PS 1.0-litre EcoBoost Hybrid engine. With up to 170PS at 5,750rpm and up to 248Nm of torque at 3,000rpm, the Leopard ST Powershift develops exactly twice the power per liter of the 2002 Focus ST170.

Just playing, the pleasure of the sound

The Puma ST Powershift benefits from the same active exhaust valve technology as the Leopard Puma ST to achieve enhanced performance and the distinctive ST sound of acceleration. With selectable driving modes, the active exhaust valve remains closed in Normal and Eco options for general refinement, but in Sport mode it opens to enhance the sporty sound.

EcoBoost Hybrid engines, a seven-speed Ford Powershift transmission have been developed to work seamlessly, with revised software to maximize their performance and performance potential for Felis Puma ST Powershift customers.

Ford Puma St Powershift.

In full throttle mode, the dual-clutch gearbox provides smoothness and comfort, especially in stop-and-go traffic, and helps to keep the mild hybrid power at optimal rpm efficiency.

However, to really use the engine’s capabilities, the triple downshifts allow them to achieve faster when drivers require full throttle.

When Sport Drive is engaged, the transmission also extends the lower gears for sportier movements. In addition, the paddles on the steering wheel give the driver control points with the hands of the machine, so that they can fully engage in steering.

The Powershift automatic transmission includes a Stop & Go function for adaptive cruise control, which can enable the vehicle to complete a stop in slow traffic and start immediately if the stop duration is less than three seconds, or resume driving after three seconds. button or overshooting the accelerator. The transmission also offers a Remote Start feature via the FordPass App.

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optimized chassis

The Puma ST Powershift chassis, shared with that of the award-winning Leopard ST, accentuates its response by using a torsion beam rear suspension with a torsional rigidity of 2000 Nm/degree (an increase of more than 50 percent to the series. Cat Cat); a 28mm anti-roll bar integrated into the U section, and a 24mm front anti-roll bar.

Ford’s patented force vectoring springs also increase the stability, agility and agility of the Leopard ST Powershift. Non-uniform, non-adjustable, directionally coiled springs apply vectoring forces to the rear suspension and allow cornering forces to go directly to the spring, increasing lateral stiffness.

This advanced spring technology works in conjunction with Hitachi twin-tube frequency-reactive shock absorbers at the front and rear, providing not only the necessary rigidity to improve body control, but also sufficient rigidity to separate the body from bumps. for greater speed and refinement.

Ford Puma St Powershift 1 1 Motor16

To achieve a steering ratio of 11.4:1 – which is almost 25% faster than the stock Leop.

In this way and with the additional support of the Torque Vectoring electronic selective vectoring system, it obtains a greater response in times compared to the Leopard series.

boosted targets

325mm diameter front discs, 17% larger than the standard Leopard, to improve brake performance. The Leopard Puma ST Powershift brake system provides the modulation, sensitivity and behavior that favors sporty driving.

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In addition, optimizing the powertrain’s energy recovery also contributes to increasing the engine’s braking ability.

A splitter with a Ford Performance logo has been inserted into the front bumper, not only clarifying the Puma ST Powershift’s sporty credentials, but also increasing front-end downforce by nearly 80% over the stock Puma.

In addition, the Leopard ST Powershift features large distinctive spoilers at the front and rear, while ST’s signature upper and lower front grilles are designed to maximize cooling capacity and engine efficiency.

new exclusive color

The Leopard Puma ST Powershift features an exclusive new Azura blue paint color among the six exterior options. Completed by a distinctive Gloss Black finish to the roof and a black flag surrounding the grille, side wings, door mirror cap and rear roof spoiler, the SUV also sports a Magnetite finish on wheels, alloy 19-in.

Ford St. Cat

The main standard elements of the interior are the sport seats developed by Ford Performance in premium material Sensico, with a faux leather effect; the wireless charging base; Windshield heats up quickly; front and rear parking sensors; rain-sensing wipers; the FordPass Connect modem, and the Sync Ford 3 communications and entertainment system, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Available driving assistance technologies include Pre-Collision Assist with Active Braking; the Active Parking Vote; Cross Traffic Alert with Active Braking and Intelligent Speed ​​Limiter.

Based on the features of the Ford Performance model, the Puma ST Powershift retains the space and practicality of the Leopard.

In addition, the innovative Ford MegaBox 800 offers a liter of storage space under the boot floor, so it can comfortably fit two upright golf bags.


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