New incident in the water near Bato between a ship of the Spanish Navy

New incident in the water near Bato between a ship of the Spanish Navy and one of the Royal Navy

The Maritime Action Vessel (BAM) Meteor from Spanish Navy was patrolling this Friday morning in the sea near Gibraltar, in the Levante area, where it was followed by the ship HMS Dagger from Royal Navy.

Strait Observer Michael J. Sánchez published a post on his X account (formerly Twitter) with a map and the location of the two ships to report what Gibraltarians considered an “invasion” into British territorial waters off Gibraltar, which were in fact Spanish waters.

“Spain pressured the United Kingdom during the negotiations on Gibraltar and the future relationship with the EU/Spain by sending a warship to British waters this morning”, wrote J. Sánchez in his account. The European Commission and the United Kingdom announced that they will continue the Brexit negotiations in Gibraltar on Wednesday, December 13in London.

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she Meteor (P-41) is a ship designed to do different things military missions, when performing presence, surveillance or neutralization tasks. However, most of its missions are based on Maritime Security Operations (MSO).

In addition, the Meteor capable of protection missions national maritime interests and control of maritime spaces of sovereignty and national interest, as indicated by the Spanish Navy on its website. Finally, the ship is ready for transport again maritime police missions cooperates with State Security Forces and Bodies, as well as in surveillance, rescue and fight against marine pollution missions.