New Jersey plays for President Trump

New Jersey plays for President Trump

The 45th president, Donald Trump, is once again running for America’s highest office. Despite being loathed and reviled by the corporate media and many Republican back-room elites, he is rising in the polls across the country.

Polls show him headed for a convincing victory in the upcoming 2024 primaries and head-to-head with President Biden in key states. The numbers are so strong that even Republicans on Capitol Hill are now being forced to stop trying to stop or embarrass Trump as he cruises to victory.

Of course, two New Jersey Republicans who are likely to announce their run for governor in January, Jon Bramnick and Jack Ciatterelli, are solid “Never Trumpers.”

Ciaterelli, for his part, attacked Trump back in the 2026 primary, saying Trump is “unfit for office” and a “charlatan” who is embarrassing the country.

Ciaterelli is also the man who claimed he lost to Murphy in 2021 because his campaign was “too white.”

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Good grief; you’d think the GOP would do a little better next time.

Is this guy the answer?

Of course, Jon Bramnick hopes he’s the answer, but again, someone who tells people the GOP can’t win if Trump is elected has to run into the same issue that cost Jack the 2021 election. Trump voters, who numbered 1.8 million in 2020, would be wise to call out the actual charlatans of the race.

Bramnick also supports Phil Murphy’s attorney general pick, Matt Platkin—yes, the guy suing schools to push gender/sexualized curriculum and remove parents from the conversation.

Besides Trump, Bramnick has other issues that could hurt him, including ethics questions surrounding a bill he pushed through with the Democratic Senate President and the potential personal income that could be enjoyed by both men from their legislative action.

This is where and what will decide the nominee

Do not forget that in 2020, Donald Trump won decisive victories in GOP counties that will decide the next nominee for governor. Monmouth, Hunterdon, Ocean, and Sussex all saw Trump perform ahead of expectations for “blue” New Jersey.

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Let’s not forget that before the governor forced a mail-in election in 2020, Trump also won Morris and Gloucester in 2016 in a much closer race.

The state’s view of the country’s endless funding for Ukraine has a vague strategy at best and a leader in Zelensky, who, given past actions and future threats, is no better than Putin. The country is certainly in trouble with the crisis of the open southern border, deaths from fentanyl, homelessness and violence in our cities, the attack on parental rights, debt, rising crime, and inflation, with millions of families struggling to stay above water.

This is a perfect recipe for a Republican to replace Biden.

Add to this a high-profile leader tapped to lead the effort in New Jersey, and there’s no reason why NJ can’t flip from blue to red in the national election.

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Congressman Jeff Van Drew has been tapped by President Trump to lead the effort to regain the White House in New Jersey.

President Donald Trump, left, listens as Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-New Jersey’s second district, speaks at a campaign rally in Wildwood in 2020
President Donald Trump, left, listens as Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-New Jersey’s 2nd district, speaks at a 2020 campaign rally in Wildwood (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)

The truth is that Trump doesn’t need to win New Jersey to make this happen. Democrats can’t afford to lose any blue states, so when the election is around the corner, they need to focus spending and activities on the states they need to deliver.

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