New modus operandi to steal from drivers at traffic lights in Havana


Amid increasing crime in Cuba, an Internet user criticized the new mode of operation of attackers harassing drivers at traffic lights in Havana.

In the Facebook group “BUS & TRUCK ACCIDENTS for more experience and less victims!” A person who identified herself as Isis Bravo Trujillo warned that attacks on car drivers were reported at traffic lights in Puentes Grandes, in the direction of Ciudad Deportiva.

“The modus operandi of these criminals is to open the driver’s side door and the back door of the car while the traffic light is red,” he explained.

He said he heard the testimony of a local resident who had this experience at the traffic light near the shop in Puentes Grandes, and fortunately he suffered only physical injuries.

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“The thief who tried to enter through the back door was unable to open it because the lock was on and the back windows were closed”; But the individual riding in the front seat started hitting him to steal his things, he explained.

“In the midst of stress and anxiety, the victim decided to start the car and go to the sidewalk. They came to help him when he realized that he was the victim of a robbery,” commented the Internet user.

He recommends drivers lock all their car doors at all times and keep the windows up, even on hot days.

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Other members of the group confirmed that many people already victim of that modus operandi.

“An old man arrived in Calixto García a week ago, stabbed (who died in the hospital) because of the same modus operandi. And the same day, a boy wearing a red uniform in Moscow ,” said one.

The old man was stabbed to death His car was stolen in Havana on Monday even though they only got money because the man defended himself and they didn’t take his cellphone or car.

According to the testimony of a cousin of the victim, the man arrived at the Calixto García hospital alive, but did not survive due to the severity of his injuries.

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“He was stabbed seven times, the worst wound was on his neck because they wanted to cut his throat. Apparently, he defended himself as much as he could, he knocked out the teeth of one of them, it seems that the others were also cut. the individuals, in the car they found some glasses from the woman,” said the plaintiff.

Likewise, some Internet users said that on Friday “a person riding a motorcycle was attacked” in the same area. In this case there were four attackers.


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