New Report Shows the Importance of Future 6G for World Social Wellbeing


The ATIS Next G Alliance (NGA) announces the release of its new report entitled Beyond Speed: Driving social and economic opportunity through 6G and beyond. This paper discusses in detail how Next-G technology can address important social and economic needs, bring global society closer together, and improve the quality of life for those previously marginalized by a lack of innovation.

Topics covered in the report include defining the specific social and economic outcomes that Next-G technology can contribute to, as well as key aspects of digital justice. The document also addresses the definition of a reliable 6G network and how Next-G connectivity will directly impact economic growth. Challenges in areas such as the supply chain and equal access will be discussed, as well as challenges that may arise in defining metrics of people’s quality of life. In addition, a call to action for research, development, policy and business models is required, as well as coverage of promising areas for future research.

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“Beyond Speed ​​​​​​is one of the ICT industry’s most comprehensive analyzes of strategies for a sustainable, just and prosperous future in the 6G era. In addition to their value to the industry, the insights presented in the report may also be of use to policymakers, helping them to better understand how next-generation technological advances can be aligned with key societal goals to create a more socially beneficial future create. and affordable,” says Mike Nawrocki, Managing Director of NGA.

The report provides a comprehensive and insightful look at the potential of Next-G technology to transform our society on multiple levels, and how a focus on equity, trust and economic growth can enable a better and fairer future for all. With its call to action, this document calls for continued collaboration between industry, policymakers and the research community to drive real and lasting change in the global technology landscape, the statement said.

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