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New Research Suggests There Are No Black Holes Older Than Our Universe

Do you think it could be? black holes in the universe before the Big Bang? This is the same thing asked some scientists in recent times, and, as reported by the New Scientist Review, a A new search has been opened He tries to show that such a discovery can change model that we know to this day Of course it will be uprooted relevant to our understanding of cosmology.

Bernard Carr and a group of physicists are looking for black holes bigger than the Big Bang.

today there is no doubt about the existence of black holes. These were formed the fall of the starsbut how long this should be done is not entirely clear. It is thought that they could have formed some smaller ones shortly after a big big bang (the primordial black holes). However… What if we could go further? And if it is possible, that there are some black holes more ancient at the very beginning of the world?

Bernard Carremeritus professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University, confirms this in his article for New Scientist. the idea is insane, but it cannot be conceived. “The existence of primordial black holes formed in this universe is speculative, as the concept of black holes could be seen from the previous universe. twice speculativesays Carr.

Bernard carr and his research

“But it is great to explore this possibilitynot to say stimulating. Just as thinking about primordial black holes led to the great discoveries about quantum gravity, thinking about black holes before the Big Bang. to new discoveries of the bodyalthough it turns out that the universe is not cyclical.

The original investigation of black holes was reported by Carr I’m not new actually in science. And he and Stephen Hawking They started working on that idea before MS from L toalthough it has never been much explored by the scientific community. Until now

Hunting for primordial black holes

Sign a a group of physicistsThese may be primordial black holes remnants before the universe which eventually collapses in the Big Crunch, a compression instead of an expansion as occurs with the Big Bang. When this was done, the the universe has been reborn the Big Bang as we know it, 13.7 billion years ago.

The primitives are black holes remnants before the universe which eventually collapsed into the Great Crunch.

These physicists believe that black holes are primordial MALE is called a kind of dark matter (‘Halo large compact objects’), because they are found in the halos or peripheries of galaxies. The dominant theory in this regard is that the primordial black hole to form from the density of the first universe the fluctuation takes place. These primordial black holes represent a fraction of dark matter and can generate waves of gravitycontributing to the melting events observed by the LIGO/Virgo Collaboration (LVC) instrument.

In 2016, researchers from Harvard University claimed that these are black holes detected by its gravitational lens effect from the light of distant stars, for example, by gravitational waves generated in space and produced by collisions between two massive objects.

The researchers believe that effect through the lens of gravity primordial black holes could be detected by the light of distant stars.

UnfortunatelyA study of primordial black holes still in the first place and it did not yield enough results to have solid data on these or pre-Big Bang black holes.

Carr knows the research of black holes before the Big Bang It’s very complex, but it’s exciting when I could find it before you die: “I have lately retired, and it seems to suit my life in a strange manner, as I began with the study of the formation of black holes at the beginning of this university, with the study of its formation at the last end, “says the professor now. 74 years old. “My papers from 50 years ago concluded that black holes are as ubiquitous in theory as they are in observation, but I am now pregnant with the possibility to find primordial black holes.” As with almost everything in science, only time will tell.

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