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New Section! Riley Poole’s NBA Magnifying Glass

In Nabamaniac you have text (everywhere). At nbamaniacs you have audio (weekly, with additional podcasts). And in Nabamaniac, now, you’ll also have some video,

color notesAs a reader pointed out when we did something similar in 2018. And you will have it in monthly doses, so as not to saturate.

What is this relay about people?

In the film saga of ‘The Search’ (National treasure, legend of the lost treasure), Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage), plays cryptographic genius, Freemasonry crack, pedantic know-it-all and prince of princes. Continuous Deus ex machina Where the plot moves is due to his foresight to resolve any confusion and his knack for remembering any name with a connection to the American past, including the name of the butler’s widow who cleaned Benjamin Franklin’s spittoon.

Riley Poole was her partner in this crusade, her escape with clumsy instincts. The precocious computer-savvy geek who provided comical counterpoint to the adventure and who made his small contribution as sudden events became more mundane and accessible to the viewer, such as the time change set during World War I. Ben Franklin already proposed it ‘Le Journal de Paris’ two centuries ago.

The aim of this section is to have ‘a little of that and a little of that’. Playing detective with Colonel Tapioca’s plastic magnifying lens.

Here we’ll be sharing some of the weirdest actions or funny and/or improbable situations that the NBA is throwing us at that are out of the ordinary. They can range from flashy to tough basketball (like Robin Lopez shooting a basket with Eurostep) for those thin-skinned techniques that expose the mediation group and where you choose to laugh to avoid crying. and of course the best idle talk To capture the microphone and filter press.

Instagram, YouTube and especially Twitter will be the sources from which most of the content will come. If you want to contribute to this section, when you see a video you like, you can quote me by attaching the link to my Twitter user @EnriqueBjodl,

January month 2023 compilation to mess with.

James Harden: Defensive Camouflage

Bones Hyland isn’t exactly a great defender, but we can’t ask him to come. It took officials longer than the Philadelphia bench to realize that the 76ers had only four players on the field, some, of course, illegal. Just as illegal as trying to ‘fix it’ with the ball already in play.

Of course, Harden’s cryptic pose trying to penetrate the parquet, heavily involved in the play because Dave Joerger gave him the alarm, is priceless.

Mikal ‘Holy, Holy’ Bridge

Each state has its own rules and clauses, but in general, carrying a weapon at professional sporting events (i.e., not at the school or educational level) is permitted as long as there is a license to do so, and the holder did not drink alcohol near or is not going to do so during the encounter, and the weapon is always kept ‘concealed’, ie sufficiently secured inside a jacket or pants so that it is not visible to any minor Give.

But Mikal Bridges, unlike Gilbert Arenas, didn’t want to be ‘a parguela’, and took it out and lit a fire on the Texan bench. The referee didn’t care about Arizona laws and Bridges only let out a blast of disintegrated air. singing technique. That there children are watching. Text: Shoot and keep it three, good. Shooting with thumb and forefinger on opponent’s benches, ugly, very ugly.

harden: that’s two

Harden’s second technique, even more absurd than the previous one. And it is that the referees do not give a single pass. If they punish Bridges for shooting with his index finger, how can they not punish Harden for bouncing the ball off the basket post? What if he misses and hits the cameraman?

pat hunts wrong

Taking ‘The Fun Man’ out of its boxes is no easy challenge. Patrick Beverley thought he could do it, but of course he was the one who was the most deranged. As our mothers say, ‘The best thing you can do with a fool is ignore him’. I’m sure you can think of a few names (and a few more) that the poet could learn from in these fights.

Luka Doncic, doubles that come and go

I’m surprised that, from what I’ve seen, Luke got rid of the technique here. The Slovenian poet is the opposite: he is a spring that jumps easily. He didn’t like all the doubles the referee whistled for him (which were) in one of his internships, and in a later action he hit a three-pointer after other potential doubles (which were also doubles), but This time instead of keeping quiet and thanking him, he chose, through gestures, to point out the unsettling way of measuring and punishing the arbitration group.

an IQ of incalculable value

Draymond Green doing Draymond Green’s stuff. Speaking with Elio on Tuesday’s podcast, I said that the most irreplaceable player and the one who could most affect the Warriors’ record in terms of injury is him above Curry, Wiggins or Klay (whether that’s true or not). Was. I was saying it for things like this. Thanks Rob Perez, we’ll be seeing a lot of you here.

‘The Rockets’ in a play

Terry Eason grabbed twelve offensive rebounds against the Thunder last night. Twelve… 12! But of course… four or five of them were added in this Kafkaesque sequence. Him cheater A block, a steal and a 2+1 pair. He flattened with the effort.

Holy ‘Dunk Contest’ Monday

But Santi!! I was also referring to the same thing. a Eurostep Beneath the feet of Aldama by Robin Lopez equals a friend. Now that they’re here so we can tell them how much it meant to us that two points didn’t go up on the scoreboard. Aldama, by the way, won’t be at the party Rising Stars Challenge,

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