New traffic signs to reduce animal accidents

New traffic signs to reduce animal accidents

The danger of road accidents caused by animals continues to grow. These types of accidents have doubled in the last five years. In 2022 alone in Spain there will be 35,000, which closes as the worst year in the last five years. By provinces it is Burgos and by Autonomous Communities it is Castilla y León. These are some of the main conclusions of the latest study ‘Accidents with animals’ by the Ponle Freno Study and Opinion Center and the AXA Foundation.

From there it is also concluded that the wild boar remains the protagonist. The most dangerous animal. The one that caused the most collisions last year with 45% of the accident rate, followed by roe deer and dogs. That’s why the General Directorate of Traffic is preparing new signs to reduce it. One of them is warning of the danger of wild animals crossing the road.

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These are the new signs

Everyone knows: a red triangle with one drawn in the middle on a white background. This is the most repeated sign in Spain. What we find in many ways. But slowly this animal will be replaced by the wild boar. Which is now the cause of most accidents. This is due, according to José Miguel Tolosa, Provincial Traffic Chief of Cantabria, to the fact that “it has been noticed that everyone in Spain has become accustomed to the sign that announces the danger and the effect of its warning has disappeared.”

Another new feature of Traffic is that they will create a kind of black dot to warn the sections where there are many accidents. Tolosa explains to us that it consists of “placing a plaque with the exact number of accidents that have occurred in that area in recent years.” A step to alert passing drivers.

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According to the study, it is more likely that we will see one of these animals in the last months of the year. 31% of these crashes are concentrated in the fall alone. To reduce this, the Junta de Castilla y León put up a bright sign warning of the danger. A pilot project based “on the season of the Moon, the mating season and the different hours of the day,” María González Corral, Minister of Mobility and Digital Transformation of the Government of Castilla y León, said to us.

What to do if you find an animal?

If we find ourselves facing this type of situation, we must stop. The last thing we need to do is turn because “most of the victims’ accidents are due to leaving the road and not due to the impact of the animal.” This was stated by Óscar Fuertes, director of the ‘Champions Skills For Safety’ School, who added other advice. The most important thing is to mark the area to warn other drivers, call the authorities and never approach the animal.

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