New trailer with release date for Cookie Cutter, the gore metroidvania

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Cookie Cutter is a gore metroidvania coming next December to consoles and PC, the “techno-pop-punk“2D hand drawn now has a release date.

Cookie cutter with pc Steam Deck, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 are postulated as metroidvania increment on 2D edited by Rogue Games and developed by Subcult Joint which recently had a version for consoles.

It is scheduled to launch on the aforementioned platforms on December 14, 2023, and can now be added to Wishlists via Steam and Epic Games Store.

The vacuum. The thing. The megastructure. A dystopian world with an egomaniacal leader determined to reveal the secrets of the universe. INFONET promises a utopia built through the work of tireless androids called Denzels. This is a lie“, read its synopses.

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Its creators warn that the game may contain content that is not suitable for all ages and is even NSFW, often contains violence or gore and mature content in general.

In the game sheet by Valve platform read that it is a brutal, post-apocalyptic, hand-drawn Metroidvania-type game so fasten your seat belt.

Cookie Cutter is unashamedly irreverent, violent and bold. Step into the shoes of Cherry, a badass android, and experience her quest full of rage and passion. In order to save his beloved creator, he will explore and fight his way through a fantastically illustrated sci-fi dystopian world while chainsawing anyone who gets in his way.

Another one to be part of the best metroidvania game

Each image of this immersive experience is lovingly hand-drawn. This means that there are many epic images that make us fall on our backs.

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Horrible bugs and menacing robots. Big bosses. Funny weapons, special moves and a brutal and bloody finish. It all comes to life with beautiful 2D animation“.

Dystopia in the distant future? Yes. An android companion turned into a rage-filled killer? Yes. Exaggerated characters and enemies? Yes. Bucket of blood? Trouble. Experience our amazing story, inspired by Japanese manga and Quentin Tarantino films, through 10 great locations, each stranger than the last.

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Fueled by love and rage, join Cherry in a bloody revenge as he explores the vast megastructure and fends off the armies of INFONET in an unforgettable 2D platformer that breaks tropes and bones.“.

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