New types of vehicles that will run on this fuel


Hydrogen Reaching unexpected limits. It has already surprised us with projects like gas stations and other green projects. Now it has left us speechless with a new kind of launch Vehicle, Factories and drivers are opening their eyes and realizing that sustainable mobility is the only way to protect the environment around us.

In general terms, the fuel cell is still a technology with several shortcomings that appear to limit its use in large and heavy automobiles such as trucks and buses.

Despite this widespread thinking, there are those who believe that it may be possible to flash it on light vehicles, even motorcycles.


That is exactly what the project aims for. the water cycle Under the leadership of a prestigious institution Fraunhofer Creator of important advances for humans, such as the MP3 audio format.

So far, this type of fuel and the volume occupied by the cells of its energy transformer systems lead us to think that its implementation in heavy vehicles is more justified. However, Fraunhofer In collaboration with other companies and organizations Germany this Czech Republic (as Czech Technical University), strongly believes that it can work on motorcycles as well.

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The future of hydrogen is already here: no one expected to see it implemented in this type of vehicle

A recent statement suggested that a compact cell placed in the frame, with a capacity of up to one kilo, would provide enough power to achieve a range of 100 km. Exactly at this efficient point the prototype of the water cycle, which is carried out by the German part of the Powerplant and Energy Systems Programme. Also, the Czech team takes care of its chassis, its running elements and its supporting systems.

The consortium aims to produce a model that can be marketed in 2025. What should be abandoned is the idea of ​​applying this to a road motorcycle that travels long distances while emitting water vapor. According to the testimony of its creators, the technology of the water cycle Will focus its energy on mopeds and motorcycles for urban use or for last mile logistics.

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Hydrocycle: the hydrogen vehicle you’ve never seen

Hydrogen Vehicle

As can be seen in the image, the design is that of a road motorcycle, although not for long trips. Its system is still heavy enough to be considered more aerodynamically efficient. The field of work of experts is Chemnitz Research Institute ,Germany), in charge of shaping the system with the aim of making it more ergonomic. Project the water cycle responds to the demands of European Union Whose desire is to make mobility climate neutral by 2050.

In this claim, hydrogen Plays an important role, as well as it comes from renewable energy. The Czech-German consortium aims to have a prototype that meets European homologation by the end of 2025, allowing relevant tests to take place under real conditions.

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Hydrogen: The fuel of the future finally reaches this vehicle

pile of hydrogen It is seen as the future of electric cars, a technology that still resists brands due to its high cost, but which is being worked on in the long term. A system that now aims to be installed on electric motorcycles. This German and Czech developed project is proof that the future of sustainable mobility is about to become a reality. This fuel could be scaled up to a new vehicle, something that interests and excites the sector, which is already working on other renewable energy initiatives, such as CEPSA’s green hydrogen project.


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