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New variant of Covid running through Europe arrives in Lyon

Linage BQ.1.1 Omicron variant of SARS-VOC-2, is regarded as of interest by the scientific community. spreads across Europe and reaches Spain, The mutation of this variant jeopardizes the good development of the epidemic, which has historically fallen in Lyon with 66 cases added to the statistics since Tuesday.

To assess the magnitude of the reduction in recorded infections, one only has to remember the nearly 393 confirmed infections on October 18 this year.

Although newer version And their pedigree is again raising the risk of a new wave of infections in the coming weeks.
Latest report of the Ministry of Health Be aware that mutations present in these lineages represent a significant epigenetic change. Based on the current prevalence and its rate of growth, it is estimated that the lineage BQ.1.1 They will already exceed 50% in Europe in late November and early December.


All genealogies found so far are consistent with omicron version of the viruswho tends to ‘rebel’ against the influence of Vaccines and Immunity Infect, and seek new ways to infect. “We can say that it ‘dresses up’ so as not to be detected,” explains Adelaida Sarukhan, from the scientific team ISGlobal, “Vaccines strengthen the immune system and the virus is always looking for ways to avoid it. There are several subtypes currently in circulation, all from ÓMicron, which have a greater ability to evade antibodies, making them more infectious. The virus continues to evolve but we don’t know what the next waves will be like.

therefore, since ISGlobal They stress not to let their guard down in the coming days and maintain the safety measures that give the best results to avoid infection and spread of the virus, such as the use of masks in crowded and poorly ventilated places “and if You are infected, stop spreading the virus.”


omicron version It is currently dominant in Spain. It consists of five lineages (BA.1, BA.2, BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5) and the lineages derived from them.

BA.1 It was the majority offspring during the first phase of the Omicron expansion in December of last year. BA.2Which presents quite a few differences with the previous one, increased from March to June 2022 to become the dominant descent.

then they came BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5Which increased their spread globally.


“The mutations that define these lineages are related to the degree of evasion of the immune response and at present there are no indications that any of these lineages are related to greater severity of cases,” according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.

Three years after the start of the pandemic, the evolution of the virus has worried the scientific community

Four months after the third anniversary of the start of the pandemic, The evolution of the virus worries the scientific community, The virus has accumulated mutations “in the receptor-binding domain”. spike protein», meaning that Omicron has ‘given birth’ to descendants that escape antibody recognition, in what the scientific community calls convergent evolution. Among these subvariants is XBB which grows in countries like Singapore and BQ.1.1 Which is spreading all over America and Europe right now.

In the European ENDVOC project, in which isglobal, researcher Cornelis Römer, who studies viral evolution at the University of Basel (Switzerland), says that “we can definitely say that something is coming, but the big question is whether they will cause many hospitalizations and Will cause deaths.”

The virus doesn’t give up and is constantly mutating to find ways to escape and evade the immune responses elicited with vaccines and infections. What the researchers have discovered is that BQ.1.1, which will be launched in the coming weeks, has a “surprising” ability to evade antibodies and is expected to cause as many infections in the coming months as it did last December was when Omicron broke up. On Christmas, however, a reinvigoration of the vaccine with the fourth dose of the campaign will help mitigate the effect.


The vaccination campaign with the fourth dose (second booster) seems to be going on slowly. In Lyon, 24.74% of the target population (those over 60 years of age and those with co-morbidities) wore it.

So far, Leone’s data does not reflect a change in the downward trend of recent weeks. All indicators continue to decline, with ten fewer people admitted to hospitals since Tuesday. ICU of Hospital de Leon It has two fewer patients and Bierzo Hospital adds 1 after spending several days without serious patients. One death has been registered at the Hospital de Leon in three days, but the weekly count brings the number of deaths to 19.


The reproductive index of the virus also remains below 1 (0.82).

Twenty-one people have died in public hospitals in Castilla y León in the past week, the same figure as seven days earlier.

These are the variants we have already passed

1. Alpha, First identified in Great Britain in late 2020 and has spread throughout the world. Its spike protein has several mutations that made it more infectious than the D6614G variant, which became dominant very early in the pandemic.

2. Beta, First identified in South Africa in late 2020. Several mutations in the spike showed greater immunological evasion of vaccine-induced antibodies than other circulating variants.

3. gamma, First identified in Brazil in late 2020. Dominated in many South American countries. Shares many mutations with beta.

4. Delta, Identified in India in early 2021 and has dominated the world by displacing the previous three.

5. omicron. Identified in November 2021 in South Africa. Displaced Delta. This variant represents a huge leap in viral evolution: it has 50 mutations, about 30 of them in the spike protein, which have made it more transmissible and better at evading vaccine immunity and causing infection. All versions circulating today are subtypes of Ómicron. BA.1 became effective between December and March 2022. BA.2 becomes effective in April 2022. BA.2.12 Extended till the end of May 2022. BA4. and BA.5 are currently dominant and BQ.1, with the spike mutation, is circulating in Europe and the US and will reach Spain in the coming weeks.

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