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New York Times faces MORE criticism from Wordle fans over ‘ridiculously hard’ and ‘political’ answer

Wordle players have slammed the New York Times again today after the game gave an obscure answer that’s been deemed ‘political’ and ‘not even English’.

Fans have yet the puzzle has become ‘to difficult’ since the US newspaper took it over with today’s answer is arguably the most tricky.

Gamers took to Twitter to say the answer – a Hindi word that’s in the Oxford English Dictionary – was used to ‘too political’.

Wordle, which only offers one puzzle per day to keep fans hooked, has amassed millions of players since it came online last October. It was created by New York based Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle for his girlfriend Palak Shah, who loves word puzzles.

At the beginning of November, the simple game – which involves guessing a five-letter word in six tries – had only 90 players; now there are said to be three million.

However, since the American newspaper bought the game for a seven-figure sum, many players have the answers have become more difficult, obscure, and pretentious.

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Wordle Players Have Slammed The New York Times Again Today After The Game Gave An Obscure Answer That'S Been Deemed 'Political' And 'Not Even English'

Wordle players have slammed the New York Times again today after the game gave an obscure answer that’s been deemed ‘political’ and ‘not even English’

Today'S Answer, Rupee, Is The Word For The Currency Of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, The Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal And Sri Lanka, Was Branded 'Not English' With One Person Saying: 'It Doesn'T Count As A Word'

Today’s answer, rupee, is the word for the currency of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal and Sri Lanka, was branded ‘not English’ with one person saying: ‘It doesn’t count as a word’

Today’s answer, rupee, is the word for the currency of Pakistan, India, Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritius, Nepal and Sri Lanka, was branded ‘not English’ with one person saying: ‘It doesn’t count as a word’.

‘Rupee isn’t even an English word of course the New York Times is already incorporating their own agenda to Wordle,’ said one.

‘Blew my brains out. They should stick to English words. It drove me crazy to think of a word. I don’t consider Rupee as an English word,’ added another.

‘Really Wordle. Are you being political now?,’ added another.

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Gamers Took To Twitter To Say The Answer - A Hindi Word That'S In The Oxford English Dictionary - Was Used To 'Too Political'.

Gamers took to Twitter to say the answer – a Hindi word that’s in the Oxford English Dictionary – was used to ‘too political’.

Fans Were Quick To Google The Word 'Rupee' As Many Admitted They Didn'T Know What It Was

Fans were quick to Google the word ‘Rupee’ as many admitted they didn’t know what it was

Social media users complain NYT have made Wordle ‘too obscure’ – but how do the latest words compare with the game’s earlier answers?

Jan 01 2022 REBUS

Jan 02 BOOST

Jan 03 TRUSS

Jan 04 SIEGE

Jan 05 TIGER

Jan 06 BANAL

Jan 07 SLUMP

Jan 08 CRANK

Jan 09 GORGE

Jan 10 QUERY

Jan 11 DRINK

Jan 12 FAVOR

Jan 13 ABBEY

Jan 14 TANGY

Jan 15 PANIC

Jan 16 SOLAR

Jan 17 SHIRE

Jan 18 PROXY

Jan 19 point

Jan 20 ROBOT

Jan 21 PRICK

Jan 22 WINCE

Jan 23 CRIMP

Jan 24 KNOLL

Jan 25 SUGAR

Jan 26 WHACK

Jan 27 mount

Jan 28 PERKY

Jan 29 COULD

Jan 30 WRUNG

Jan 31 LIGHT


  • Feb 01 THOSE
  • Feb 02 MOIST
  • Feb 03 SHARD
  • Feb 04 PLEAT
  • Feb 05 ALOFT
  • Feb 06 SKILL
  • Feb 07 ELDER
  • Feb 08 FRAME
  • Feb 09 HUMOR


  • Feb 10 PAUSE
  • Feb 11 ULCER
  • Feb 12 ULTRA
  • Feb 13 ROBIN
  • Feb 14 CYNIC
  • Feb 15 AROMA
  • Feb 16 CAULK
  • Feb 17 SHAKE
  • Feb 18 DODGE
  • Feb 19 SWILL
  • Feb 20 TACIT
  • Feb 21 OTHER
  • Feb 22 THORN
  • Feb 23 TROVE
  • Feb 24 BLOKE
  • Feb 25 VIVID
  • Feb 26 SPILL
  • Feb 27 CHANT
  • Feb 28 CHOKE
  • March 1 RUPEE

‘No spoilers but todays wordle does seem like a potential “jump the shark” moment,’ added another.

Others suggested that they guessed ‘Ruble’ – the Russian currency – due to the war in Ukraine.

‘My third guess would have been more related to current events seeing wordle is eschewing common English words,’ said one.

‘ Barely got this one. Didn’t even think that would be a legal English word,’ added another.

‘It’s not even English, might as well include Swahili words,’ said one.

Wordle Fans Have Once Again Criticized The New York Times After American Players Today'S Answer Was 'Too British'

A Fan Complaining About Wordle On Twitter

Wordle fans have once again criticized the New York Times after American players today’s answer was ‘too British’

Scores Of Players - Who Have Also Recently That Their Winning Streaks Haven'T Been Updated In A Week Because Of A Technical Blunder - Took To Twitter To Voice Their Annoyance Over Today'S 'British Slang' Answer, Which Was 'Bloke' (Pictured)

Scores of players – who have also recently that their winning streaks haven’t been updated in a week because of a technical blunder – took to Twitter to voice their annoyance over today’s ‘British slang’ answer, which was ‘Bloke’ (pictured)

It comes days after American Wordle players that Thursday’s answer – Bloke – was ‘too British’.

One person wrote: ‘Good morning to everyone except that bloc who picked today’s Wordle word.’

Commenting on the word – which is British slang for man – another Twitter user said: ‘THIS HAS TO BE THE MOST BRITISH WORDLE I’VE SEEN. F****** BLOKE.’

A third added: ‘No one else uses “bloke” but the British’, while a fourth said: ‘Now why is Wordle giving me a British word I have never heard of.’

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Reaction: Social Media Users From Around The World React To The 'Bloke' Controversy Today

Reaction: Social media users from around the world react to the ‘bloke’ controversy today

The ‘bloke’ controversy follows further criticisms facing the game in recent weeks – including that answers like ‘caulk’ and ‘agora’ were too niche for most players.

Meanwhile, people also voiced their annoyance over their scores not being updated correctly on the stats screen.

Many said the number of days the game showed they had played was actually lower than the number of days they had successfully played in a row.

In January, the creator sold the game to the New York Times for a ‘seven figure sum’ and the game migrated to the NYT site.

Since then, players have how that the game has become more difficult, largely as a result of niche some of the answer words have been. Others have noted that the game has been glitchy.

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Fans Have Been Annoyed By Changes To The Game Since It Was Bought By The Ny Times, Complaining About 'Obscure' Answers, Glitches, Hard-To-Guess Answers

Fans have been annoyed by changes to the game since it was bought by the NY Times, complaining about ‘obscure’ answers, glitches, hard-to-guess answers

In mid-February, the organization tweeted: ‘Please open the old URL last used to play Wordle. This will automatically redirect to the NYT Wordle page, carrying your streaks with you.’

It added that players needed to ‘migrate their stats’ to keep their streaks, or that they could use a reset link to do so.

However, as evidenced by their complaints, many are still struggling with streak-related glitches, with others saying the fix didn’t work for them.

One revealed they had lost days by following the link, writing: ‘You just got me to click that link now I lost four days of wordle wins. WTF guys. Why do you keep messing this up?!’

Another added: ‘Same, I lost five days. My streak went from 40 down to 35.’

On top of tech glitches, the game has been criticized over its answers. On Sunday, numerous Twitter users accused Wordle of ‘just making up words’ when they failed to answer correctly, as they did not recognize the day’s word – which was ‘swill’.

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Some Joked The Term - A Waterproof Filler And Sealant, Used In Building Work And Repairs - Wouldn'T Be Known To Anyone Who Hasn'T Done Diy

Some joked the term – a waterproof filler and sealant, used in building work and repairs – wouldn’t be known to anyone who hasn’t done DIY

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Since The Transition, Many Social Media Users Have Been Arguing That The Game Has Suddenly Become More Difficult

Since the transition, many social media users have been arguing that the game has suddenly become more difficult


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