Newells: Fans took to social media to #IcardiANewells. trended requesting

Mauro Icardi will not play for PSG and is looking for a new destination, which will undoubtedly be European and there is no shortage of teams that dream of having him in their ranks. But beyond this situation, leprosy fans launched a campaign Social network with hashtag #IcardiANewells To persuade the striker from Rosario.

PSG manager Christophe Gaultier told the week that “the club is working closely with Mauro to find the best possible solution. He had very little time to play and I think the best thing for him is to resume his career in some other, more favorable place.”, That phrase did nothing, even for a few months, to feed lepers’ illusions of being an important person. Just as Luis Suarez decided to return to his country and wear the national shirt.

Of course, the red and black thing is just a campaign because Icardi is barely 29 years old and makes millions of euros. You Surely it would end up in some powerful club in Europe, though that didn’t stop the Lepers from launching a campaign to send a message to Rosario. and husband of Wanda Nara. Even more so given that the attacker always made clear his fanaticism for leprosy.

The hashtag #IcardiANewells became one of the viral trends on Twitter With the request that the attacker wear red and black so often that he declared his fanaticism and dream of playing in the Colossus. But, it is clear that football is a business and everything is for money. And from that aspect, Newell is far from being able to seduce him.

Mauro Icardi is wanted by Manchester United And he’ll have to negotiate with PSG to achieve the goal of adding him, though he won’t be the only one who wants it.


Newells: Fans took to social media to #IcardiANewells. trended requesting


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