News of Ukraine: in the USA, silver coins with the image of Ukrainian symbols were issued

The United States has issued silver investment coins with a denomination of US$1, upholding the courageous resistance of the Ukrainian defenders against the Russian occupiers and the desire of Ukrainians to defend their independence and sovereignty.

It was reported in the Currency Museum of the National Bank of Ukraine.

The reverse of both the coins depicts a woman symbolizing the image of freedom. The design of the back of the coin is based on a sketch by artist and medalist Adolf Alexander Weinmann “Freedom on the Run”.

This design was first used on US 50 cent change coins minted between 1916 and 1947.

Several Ukrainian national symbols are featured in the design of the 2022 investment coins. On the back of the first coin is a blue-yellow flag waving around a woman in a garland of flowers.

Behind the other is Svoboda, adorned in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, walking across a field of sunflowers. In addition, the woman’s wreath is made of sunflowers, and she holds a bouquet of these flowers in her hands.

Sunflower has long been considered a Ukrainian symbol of love for the motherland. When the sun sets, the sleeping man sadly lowers his head – in the same way a person in a foreign land remembers his native land. Just as the sunflower returns after the sun, so man is always connected with his motherland by his thoughts and deeds. Just as the sun is the only and irreplaceable reference point for the sunflower, so the motherland is the greatest value for a person.

Sunflower flowers have also become a symbol of mourning for Ukrainian heroes who died in the Donbass and a symbolic embodiment of the Day of Remembrance of the Defenders of Ukraine, which is celebrated every year on 29 August.

The obverse of both coins has the iconic American Eagle in flight. The obverse design of this type of investment coin was updated in 2021 and was created by artist Emily Damstra.

On the reverse side of the second coin, the image of an eagle is colored, made in the colors of Ukrainian symbols.