Neymar Jr signed for Al-Hilal and will not return to Barca!

Neymar Jr signed for Al-Hilal and will not return to Barca!

The soap opera Neymar Jr. seems to have kicked off a new season with a final chapter with suspense till the very last second. And, finally, the Brazilian star will not end this season at Barca, where he would have come on loan. In the biggest operation in the history of football outside the European continent, Ney has finally committed himself to two seasons with Al-Hilal of Saudi Arabia: PSG will receive 100 million euros between fixed and variable and the Brazilian ’10 will receive an astronomical token of 320 million euros for two seasons. He hasn’t signed a contract with Ne, who always wanted to return to Barca, nothing can be guaranteed.

The transaction closed this morning after several hours of summit talks in Paris and did not happen without tension and script changes. neymar jr kept his word and, as he is able to confirm game, He pushed until the end to be able to be ready as a Blaugrana again for a season… but it seems he didn’t succeed.

Al-Hilal changed its starting position and closed in on the band in the final hours, as indicated by one of the sources interviewed by SPORT. making it possible for his new player to move to Barcelona for the first season. Barca and Neymar have been in contact throughout the day and have spoken to Al-Hilal, but optimism has turned to pessimism despite the fact that nothing has been signed yet.

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In exchange for not playing for Barcelona, neymar He demanded a substantial pay rise (which he should have received) and reduced the years of his contract, theoretically aiming for four seasons or three years plus another optional, to two until 2025.

Barca, who have worked very carefully in recent months to be able to include Neymar during a season in which the first team will have to play at the Montjuïc stadium, would have achieved their objective by doing little. “Neymar is putting a lot of pressure and he’s pushing us,” a Blaugrana club source said.

presence of ‘ney’ This meant an injection of income and brought the club back into the front line of the global media. And, of course, from a sporting point of view, the 31-year-old was expected to be the best version of the Brazilian, as the footballer strongly asked to return to Barcelona. He wanted to adjust to football in one club and one city over the course of a year, like with a coach xavi hernandez Joe was his locker room partner, and later, in June 2024, in high form able to face the Copa América in the United States.

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Neymar has reached a salary settlement with Barcelona. He was ready to collect 12 ‘kilo’ tabs. However, the most complicated part was for PSG (namely Qatar Emirate) to accept the sale of one of its stars to a club from Saudi Arabia (a country with which it has some political and diplomatic tensions). The case of Al-Hilal, and the Riyadh-based unit, furthers this work.

Neymar’s departure from Paris was discussed because neither side wanted to continue the contract which ran until 2027., Yes, PSG demanded, as a minimum, 100 ‘kilos’ trespasso, this is the amount that would end the entry with all variables of mandatory fulfillment.

As happened in the summer of 2019, the chances of the Brazilian crackdown to remain in the second leg in Barca disappeared. On that occasion, it was PSG themselves, who have now facilitated his departure, who refused to sell him to Barça, and now that everything has become even more complicated because Barça was a secondary actor relying on third parties. depended, there was no one in charge of the purchasing club.

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Goodbye to paris from the back door

Neymar Jr ended a six-season spell at PSG where he achieved none of the great collective and individual objectives he had set for himself: winning the first Champions League in the history of the Parisian club (something that Manchester City, the old continent’s other great state club, has achieved) and being named the best player on the planet.

The ’10 has to pass his medical exam in Paris this Monday, before signing his new contract for Saudi Arabia’s most popular club. And, in principle, if there are no unforeseen changes, it will be presented on Wednesday at a mega event in Riyadh. Sources in talks do not rule out another script change, although Al-Hilal’s strong wage increase leaves little room for manoeuvre.

At Al-Hilal, he will be led by the charismatic Portuguese coach, Jorge Jesus, and will have possibly the best team in emerging Saudi football. Since his new team is the team making the most contracts. It has invested 180 million euros in order to be able to count ruben neves (which was on the agenda of Barca), ex-Blaugrana malcolm who played for Central Zenit coulibaly or Milinkovic-Savic,


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