Nico understood that he plays with 10 other teammates


Nico González left FC Barcelona to join Porto in exchange for 8.5 million euros. The Galician footballer signed a contract with the Portuguese Five seasons until 2028.

The debut of the former Barcelona footballer did not take long and his first minutes were on the Moreirense field in a match that ended with a victory for the ‘Blue Dragons’.

Despite starting off on the right foot, the footballer was lose prominence As the days pass. team coach, sergio conceição Lost confidence in the player: Within two months (November to January) He played only 68 minutes.

Now it seems everything has changed. From the end of the year to 2024, Nico has participated in all the matches except one, The card which was destroyed due to deposit.

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The Portuguese coach himself explained What is the reason for such a big change? Minutes played by the former Barça player: “Intensity is not about kicking someone’s ass. The intensity, for a midfielder, is to realize that talent alone, although Nico has a lot of it, is not enough. “Like many other players, Nico is in a great moment, but Porto is not dependent on the coach or any player.”

Konesio He also explained Nico’s difficulties within the Portuguese team: “He had an easy time. He also had some family problems, but the most important thing for me is that He has realized that there is a ball to play, he has 11 opponents in front of him and 10 other teammates on his side., Fortunately, you have realized what you need to do within our principles. It’s no one’s credit, only Nico’s. He always believed, he never gave up. Despite not recording the call, “He continued to give his all and train as hard as he could every day.”

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