Niger | The coup leaders recalled ambassadors from France, the United States, Nigeria and Togo

 Niger |  The coup leaders recalled ambassadors from France, the United States, Nigeria and Togo.

Coup leader Colonel Amadou Abdramane condemned the various military agreements signed with France, especially the presence of French troops on the soil of the Republic of Niger.

France, which evacuated 577 of its citizens from Niger on Tuesday and Wednesday, has deployed 1,500 soldiers to fight jihadists in a country wracked by violence from armed groups.

Coup military junta promises retaliation “Immediately” in the matter of “assault or attempted assault” against his country by the Economic Community of West African States, three days after the expiration of the ultimatum given by the Organization for the return of constitutional order.

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This Thursday the Foreign Minister of Senegal, such a long year Said that if there is an army that intervenes in Niger with the order of ECOWAS, his country will send troops.

US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby The ousted president pledged: “We continue to call for the safe release of President Bazoum and his family… We also remain steadfast in supporting the efforts of ECOWAS, the African Union and other governments in the region to help mediate this crisis. “

President Bazoum has requested the intervention of the United States and in an article assured Washington Postthat a coup in Niger could have consequences “Horrible” For the world and bring the entire Sahel region under it “Effect” From Russia, via mercenaries from the Wagner Group.

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In Niamey, an anti-French demonstration gathered thousands of people to support a military coup against the elected government. On the date of the country’s independence, they waved Russian flags and chanted slogans against what had been a colonial power until 1960 and the Economic Community of West African States.


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