Nintendo's forecast for Nintendo Switch sales for the current quarter will be far more conservative

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During these months, Nintendo will maintain a much more conservative profile in front of nintendo switch sale For the current quarter (through). Indeed, the company’s investors believe that’s a sales estimate of 1.8 million (provided by the company itself). nintendo), is really low and pessimistic.

If we keep this in mind History of the console and its high sales rate, making it the best-selling console in Japan’s history. This week, Nintendo held a meeting with the company’s investors to show its financial results for the December 2023 fiscal quarter and, in the process, showed its future sales forecasts.

President Shuntaro Furukawa left us the following statement:

“Hardware sales are generally progressing as expected, but based on third quarter sales, we have raised our full-year forecast by 0.5 million units. The outlook for the fourth quarter remains largely unchanged from the beginning of the fiscal year. Given that the Nintendo Switch is entering its eighth year, we don’t think it will be easy to maintain sales at the same level as before.

In short it seems nintendo It is somewhat less predictable due to it being the eighth year of life. nintendo Change And the recent rumors and expectations that exist with the alleged announcement of the console’s successor, which will come for 2024 or 2025. However, nothing has been officially confirmed as of now. He president of nintendo He continued to say:

“When we announce our financial results for the current full year we will also present a hardware unit sales forecast along with our earnings forecast for the next financial year. That said, the Nintendo Switch has already entered uncharted territory and I think it will be difficult for unit sales to grow at the same rate in the next fiscal year as they have so far. Still, many people around the world got a Nintendo Switch for the first time this holiday season, and we managed to maintain a high level of interaction with the hardware. A number of new titles are expected to be released from Nintendo and other software publishers during the next fiscal year, and by boosting the appeal of these titles as well as existing titles, we aim to maintain global market momentum.

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