NL Congress approves the return of Alhinna Vargas as deputy

NL Congress approves the return of Alhinna Vargas as deputy

Monterrey.- Alhinna Vargas García will rejoin the Nuevo Leon State Congress as a local PRI representative, this legislative body has revealed through an official statement.

According to the statement, the reinstatement of the deputy constitutes “the legal impossibility of complying with the order given by the Electoral Court of the State of Nuevo Leon regarding access to the position of substitute deputy.”

Also, it was pointed out that the resignation or complete separation from office with legal effect never materialized, so there is no vacancy that needed to be filled.

“In the report sent to the authorities on this matter, it is also reiterated that no vacant Deputy is to be filled as there has been no resignation or complete separation from the post with legal effect, this is because the Plenary Meeting of this Legislative Branch “There has never been any interference, which should precede the validity of legislative acts,” the statement said.

It was on September 15, 2023 when he definitively submitted his resignation as local deputy; Later, on October 13, 2023, the Government Commission of the Local Congress processed the resignation of Alhinna Vargas.

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With his departure, a new controversy began in the State Congress, because instead of Alhinna Vargas, the replacement deputy Rosaura Guerra, now belonging to the Movimiento Ciudadano, began the search for congressional officials to be sworn in as a delegate. Did it. 6, however, this never happened.

Also on January 31, the Superior Court of the Electoral Court of the Judiciary rejected the constitutional dispute imposed by the Superior Court of Justice to prevent Rosaura Guerra from taking office as deputy.

Thus, a member of the Citizens Movement must be sworn in as a member of the Seventy-sixth Legislature, at the beginning of the second ordinary term of the third legislative year.

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Following the resolution of the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Court of the Judiciary, on February 1, Alhinna Vargas requested his reinstatement in the legislature, which was approved by Congress this Saturday, a position that did not specify when the reinstatement of Alhinna Vargas Will happen.


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