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Thursday, April 15, 2021

No invite to climate summit, no ambassador visits: US shocks Pakistan

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Pakistan, which was overturning itself by taking decisions on its own with India, has now received a ‘double blow’ from the United States. First, Pakistan is not invited to the ‘Climate Leaders Summit’ hosted by US President Joe Biden. Secondly, US Climate Envoy John Kerry will come to India in his Asia trip, but will not visit Pakistan.

The Climate Summit is to be held on March 22-23, 2021. This summit will take place virtually. It will discuss how to accelerate the efforts being made for climate crisis. 40 global leaders from all over the world will be a part of this summit. Apart from India, Bangladesh will also join it, but Not pakistan. A ‘UN Climate Change Conference (COP26)’ is also scheduled to be held in Glasgow, Scotland in November this year.

Pakistan is the 5th weakest country in the world in terms of ill-effects of climate change, but despite this, its leaders and officials are shocked because of not being invited. Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Zahid Hafiz Chowdhury said that Pakistan’s ‘Billion Tree Tsunami’ project received praise from the World Economic Forum and many international forums. He said that the countries which are responsible for 80% carbon emission are participating in this summit.

Experts say that Pakistan is of no importance to America except for the Afghanistan issue. Therefore, the name of Imran Khan is not included in these 40 leaders of the world. The United States is also angry with Pakistan’s support to the Taliban. The United States has given a strong message to Pakistan. Special envoy Zalmein Khalilzad had also met Pakistan Army Chief in place of Foreign Minister in his last visit to Islamabad.

Now US Ambassador John Kerry is coming to India and Bangladesh, but he is in Pakistan Won’t go. Now the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan is saving respect by saying that it is very low in the case of carbon emission, that is why it was not called in this summit. Pakistan’s carbon emission is less than 1%. There is also pressure on India to have a net zero emission target by 2050. Carey’s tour began on Thursday (April 1, 2021).

During this time he has to go to UAE, India and Bangladesh. In this 9-day tour, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi and Dhaka will be his destinations. Carey also tweeted about the trip to the three countries. India has said that it will reduce carbon emission by 20-35% from 2005 levels by 2030, following the Paris Agreement. It is also engaged in promoting the use of green and renewable energy. India has also created ‘International Solar Alliance’.

Let us tell that the government of Pakistan has bowed down to the Islamic fundamentalists there. A day earlier, the central cabinet there rejected the proposal of ‘Economic Coordination Committee (ECC)’, which had asked for import of cotton and sugar from India. 1 day before that, Pakistan lifted the ban on trade from India. In 2019, Pakistan took this decision after the provisions of Article 370 were repealed.

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