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No need to go to space, these are the places on the moon which can be seen from earth

In the Qur’an there is a process of regenerating the energy of the sun. According to science, how does the sun reproduce its energy? Science has the following explanation about the energy reproduction of the stars of the Solar System.

The Sun is the main star of the Solar System and is the source of energy for the planets around it. As the main star, the Sun also performs various activities.

The activities done by the Sun will affect the energy present in it. Today the Sun is about 5 billion years old and weighs 332 times that of Earth.

The sun will increase the energy so that it does not run out. This way!

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It turns out that this is the process of reproducing solar energy!

Sooraj is not young now. According to current estimates, the Sun is about 5 billion years old.

A star has a very large diameter, exceeding 1.3 billion kilometers with a circumference of a circle 325 times larger than Earth.

The center of the Sun has a very high temperature, reaching 20 million degrees Celsius. Whereas on the surface the temperature of the Sun reaches 6,000 ° C.

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as in the Quran

Summarizing from the Quranic book of Science, Dr. Nadiya Thayyarah is a flame of the Sun that emanates from its surface.

Actually, the Sun has a flame that can reach a height of 500 thousand kilometers. He was also constantly spitting out energy.

They always expend about 168,400 horsepower per square meter of energy. The Sun continues to do this throughout life. This means that it has been over 5 billion years.

Although it must be released in large quantities, solar energy seems to be never ending. This is because solar energy is a process called reproduction.

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through an unusual combustion process

Scientists have monitored every movement of the Sun. The Sun is not included in the category of the largest star, but is a normal one.

The surface of the Sun is subject to intense electric and magnetic storms. Scientists are often confused about the fact that the Sun always radiates heat energy.

On this basis, scientists believe that the process of burning done by the Sun is not like human shadow.

Scientists believe that there are meteorites and meteors that fall on the Sun’s surface to replace the heat lost by radiation.

Then, their energy reproduction process is also involved in the transformation of a gas called hydrogen. This gas is found in the body of the Sun and is very abundant.

All these processes will go through a series of very complex nuclear reactions. After the process is complete, the visible energy will be greater and will never be visualized.

Due to the process of reproducing solar energy, they will not run out of energy, even though they always expend large amounts of energy. It turns out that this process is already in the Qur’an and is exactly what science describes.

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