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“No one food helps you get the fat out of your cartridge belt”

One step away from the holidays, we have more in mind than ever about how we can lose the fat that ‘bothers’ us. But miracles do not exist, and we know this. That’s why we should avoid falling for those ‘miracle’ diet scams or life-saving supplements. However, it is possible to reduce it, and in this article we give you the formula to achieve it.

Noel Lopez, a dietitian specializing in weight problems, stresses that there is no one food or exercise regimen that helps with weight gain. work out, “And much less localized fat oxidation; No food or exercise is going to help you get rid of the fat in your holsters.”

To reduce the percentage of fat, Lopez explains that a . it is necessary to generate calorie deficit: “This means that a person has to ingest fewer calories to carry out functions such as basal metabolism, the caloric effect of food (the calories we expend in the digestive process) and daily physical activity.”

The sum of the three factors mentioned as a result gives a person’s total energy expenditure in 24 hours. For example, if your total energy expenditure in 24 hours is 2,500 calories, you would need to eat 2,000. Or you can eat 2,500 calories, but have to exercise more to expend 3,000.

Faced with this calorie deficit, Lopez explains that our bodies rely on fat deposits to burn it and get it. energy That we are not providing through diet.

Experts remember that fat cells regenerate, so if you go on a diet, but after two months you start eating poorly again, you’ll regain the percentage of fat you lost. . “For people who undergo beauty treatments aimed at eliminating localized fat, if they don’t later maintain any healthy lifestyle habits, adipocytes will regenerate and you can recover that percentage of fat.” Will take.” For this reason, you need to know what each person should be eating and how to design a balanced diet so that you can maintain the weight you want.

We Shouldn’t Veto or Ban Macronutrients

You have to control both the calories and the quality of the food nutrients, because it depends on whether they are good fats (avocados, oily fish, nuts…) our metabolism.

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Lopez supports the point that fats have their place in a balanced diet, “in fact, 30 to 35% of calories in a diet should come from fat.” Its distribution is as follows: between 10 and 15% protein, 50 or 55% carbohydrate, and 30 or 35% fat. “Yes actually, The fat that predominates must be healthyThat is, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated, and natural, not hydrogenated, which are intended for confectionery.

Experts point out that fats like omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 are interesting, as they are cardioprotective and help improve lipid profile (control cholesterol). “Fat is also essential for our brain. On a diet We Can’t Veto or Restrict MacronutrientsIt should be hypocaloric, but respecting the macronutrients in that distribution».

« In my diet I always include a handful of nuts in the middle of the morning and in the middle of the afternoon. You can also include a little avocado and olive oil, I recommend having two or three dashes of crude oil a day,” shares Lopez.


according to supplementLopez maintains that there are no supplements that help or support the oxidation of fats. “There are studies that assess the benefits of caffeine (coffee alone, neither with milk nor with sugar) when it comes to fat oxidation, but there is also no scientific evidence to support this.”

L-carnitine, for example, is considered a supplement that does not favor fat oxidation. “We have to get away from it and make people aware and learn how to make their diet.”

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