No one knows how much time is left


The state of health of actor Bruce Willis has worried his most private circle and millions of followers for months. which once captivated one of the most famous performers of recent decades in Hollywood. The American suffers from a frontotemporal dementia disease that has no cure and requires care 24 hours a day.

In recent months, the situation has worsened considerably, with statements from his children or personalities such as Demi Moore, his ex-wife, warning of the dangerous moment for the American. The last person to speak was a friend of his, who provided more details to US Weekly.

“Bruce has good days and bad days, but in the last two months, there have been more bad days than good,” the man acknowledged. In this context, this person commented that “the experience brings the whole family together.”

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“It’s hard to know if Bruce knows what’s happening to him.”

If this negative development continues, things will get worse. “No one knows how much time Bruce has left, so they cherish every moment they spend with him. The focus is on him being around the people he loves and remembering the happy holidays in the past, stated the friend of Bruce Willis.

Furthermore, he assured that “he still cherishes Christmas time and loves to be with his whole family. under one roof to listen to music, eat, and watch old home movies,” is something anyone would do this time of year.

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In this situation, the person who is closest to Bruce Willis is Emma Hemings’s wife. “It’s hard to know if Bruce knows what’s happening to him. Dementia is hard; that’s what I’ve learned. It’s hard for the patient, and it’s hard for the family, for Bruce and our daughters, he noted in Today a few days ago.