No one knows how much time they have left

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The state of health of Bruce Willis found himself back in the public eye. After years since the diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia, a new update on the actor’s health status has come out.

Since then, because of the degenerative condition and the fact that there is no cure for the disease, the loved ones of the star of “Duro De Matar” have been dedicated to taking care of him. This is not only to be with him but also to enjoy every moment with him.

Bruce Willis Health Update

According to a new report about Bruce Willis, it appears that his health condition decreased faster this past year. This was confirmed, at least recently. Two sources close to the family mention that Bruce currently has “more bad days than good.”.

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“This experience has brought the whole family closer together. No one knows how much time Bruce has left, so they heal every time they are with him,” one of the sources told US Weekly.

The truth is the reason his five daughters, with his wife (Emma Heming) and ex-wife (Demi Moore) of Bruce Willis, are now dedicated to his care and saving as many memories as you can before his death.

“Bruce receives care 24 hours a day.At least one member of the family is always with him,” commented another person to the media mentioned above.

In addition, they confirmed that, in the main, all of Bruce’s loved ones live with him under one roof: “When Bruce was diagnosed, everyone came together to keep your memory with the whole family and there as a constant reminder that they love you. “Everything revolves around him,” added this person to the American media.

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