Noelia calls Ricardo Montaner a “demon” and reveals a dark secret

Noelia calls Ricardo Montaner a

The singer attacked the interpreter of “The Glory of God” and assured that “He is a bad person.”

The fact of being famous does not exempt celebrities from going through traumatic events, including episodes of sexual violence, where major representatives of music became victims, including Noelia, who in an interview by Gustavo Adolfo Infante He decided to break the silence and talk about how difficult it is for him to work with the producer Carlos ‘Topy’ Mamery, a character who, in addition to his manager for many years, is his stepfather .

Far from having a good family relationship, the famous producer made Noelia’s life impossible, throwing her into the universe of all kinds of abuse that, far from making her enjoy her fame, made her full of himself in his work so as not to feel trapped by humiliations. where he was a victim and where many people witnessed, including his mother.

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Although there are many episodes where Noelia remembers being a sexual victim of her former manager, there is one that the translator repeats in “The minute that changed my fate.”

Which emphasizes the presence of Ricardo Montaner as a witness to the crimes for which the translator is a prisoner.

“(Carlos ‘Topy’ Mamery) forced me to dress a certain way in a concert of Mr. Ricardo Montaner, who is another demon in the clan. “He dresses like a Christian, but he is a very bad person,” Noelia pointed out before adding that Evaluna’s father also wants to interfere in her husband’s relationship.

“(Ricardo Montaner) witnessed many things and did nothing. The only thing I’m thankful for is that she told Jorge Reynoso (my husband) the truth and thank you for helping me. I thought that if I told Jorge about the abuse, he would leave me, but it didn’t work,” said Noelia.

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