Noella is the youngest transgender model and earns thousands of francs

Noella is the youngest transgender model and earns thousands of francs

At just three years old, Noella McMaher learned that she was in the wrong body. As a girl, the ten-year-old is now conquering the big catwalks.


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  • Noella McMaher was born as a boy.
  • She knew at the age of three that she wanted to be a girl.
  • When she was six years old, her birth certificate was changed.
  • Today at the age of 10, she has won the catwalk.

She is only ten years old and is already at home on the catwalks of the world!

Her name: Noella McMaher. Her Special: The little Englishwoman is the world’s youngest transgender model.

And Noella could really cash in now. Because model experts predict the 10-year-old will crack her first million in the next few months.

Just last week, the little Englishwoman walked a fashion show in New York. As if he had done something else. “She’s very strong-willed,” reveals her mother, Dee (35, now a man, but born a woman).

Noella McMaher’s mother was born a woman, now she is a man

Because when she was less than three years old, the younger model is said to have found out that she was born in the wrong body. “In terms of gender identity, Noella came before us,” the mother told The Mail on Sunday.

“She was born with a strong and confident sense of identity!” Then someone told Noella that he was a cute boy. The girl didn’t like it at all and said: “I’m not a boy, I’m a girl!”

Noella McMaher’s story stirred up many emotions. Many accused their parents of pushing them in a certain direction.

Noella McMaher’s birth certificate was updated at age six

At the age of four, the boy girl became Noella McMaher. The family changed the birth certificate from boy to girl when she was six years old.

Now it is raining model offers on them. This year, Noella is also set to walk the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week.

A Hollywood agent said: ‘Noella is a phenomenon. She is only ten years old, but reflects a lot in terms of where the world is now. We are seeing more transgender models and when it comes to being a bright role model she is the best.”

What do you think of Noella’s model transgender story?

And next: “She’s too self-confident for someone who’s so young. He is able to earn one to two million francs next year.”

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