Noemi Allen Reveals Her Romance With Sylvia Suller’s Ex: “It’s the First Time I’ve Seen Someone So Young”

Noemi Allen Reveals Her Romance With Sylvia Suller's Ex:

Noemi Allen confirms courtship with Sylvia Suller’s ex (Video: Mater Live)

Naomi Alana Shocked in the last hours by revealing an early romance with martin lemaUruguayan who was a participant of some time ago Sylvia Suler and with the first alejandra pradon, in an interview with the journalist Juan Etchegoyen For mater liveExudate admitted that she was going through a nice emotional moment, although at first she didn’t confirm who her partner was.

“My heart was half Pacuchito, but I met someone who is making my life happy,” he began by expressing. And he elaborated: “I met a loving Uruguay a few weeks ago and we see each other on weekends. He made me a phone note and we kept in touch, he kept texting me and me that much.” Humbled and lovable liked. Meanwhile, he deepened: “He loves everything that’s in the medium and is dedicated to making notes, he’s a guy who likes the environment, he’s half-cholu. I was seduced by the fact that he is very warm and very cheerful, which I find savage, he is very gentle, but what happens that He is younger than me, he is a few years older than me, but love has no age,

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Facing Etchegoyen’s interrogation, Naomi finally reveals the identity of her lover. “He encountered some women from the environment I don’t want to name, and he appeared for a reality show casting. His name is Martin,” he slipped. “Won’t it be Martin Lema?”The driver asked. “I think so,” she replied with a smile.

Noemi Allen Said She Is Starting An Affair With Sylvia Suller'S Ex (Photo: Juan Etchegoyn)
Noemi Allen said she is starting an affair with Sylvia Suller’s ex (Photo: Juan Etchegoyn)

“Three weeks ago we had our first date, he made me feel very comfortable, he was honest and told me about his relationship. The guy didn’t pick a very nice one anyway…”, he joked. But he clarified Did: “What I liked the most was that he’s so warm, respectful and so nice, we laugh, he makes me feel good and he says he likes women older than him.” In either case, he assured: “My talk with him is friendship with rights”,

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Finally, she revealed: “I talked about it with my daughter and, as long as she does well and takes care of me, I have to send her a message every now and then to let her know she’s okay. As we first met in a public place, we met in a hotel in Puerto Madero, I explained my fear. He paid for everything and is very generous and gentleman. I feel strange, but I am happy Well, it’s been a long time since I went out with someone because of the pandemic, and This is my first time dating someone so youngHe’s my kids’ age and I don’t know how he hooked me up.

In mid-May, the actress was a guest Be Independentprogram that drives gaston pauls In HD ChronicleWhere he told about his addictions. “I gave Faso Like crazy, I’m trying to quit drinking… I quit cocaine more than 20 years ago,” he said, and then described the circumstances in which he began consuming. “I was 21, it was 5 in the morning. I came from recording all day, shooting for a film, I was tired and I asked myself ‘How do these people do it?’ A woman said to me: ‘Come on, idiot, I’ll explain to you’. He took me to the bathroom of a bowling alley and tried to me”,

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