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Nokia Electronics Launches Top-Rated Freezer Bespoke Refrigerator with Sleek Design, Energy Efficiency, and Maximum Freshness

The new fridge offers a range of Bespoke color and performance options, AI-assisted energy saving and the best cooling modes for different lifestyle needs.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced a global lineup of Bespoke Top-Mounted Freezer (TMF) refrigerators, which will first be available in Thailand from the end of March, and will roll out to countries around the world by the end of the year. .[1]. The new Bespoke TMF model combines an elegant design with a full range of Bespoke color and texture options to help give any kitchen a unique and stylish look. Equipped with the latest refrigeration and energy-saving technology, it makes food storage convenient, efficient and flexible.

“Today, customers expect home assistants to go beyond their basic functions,” said Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of Customer Experience Team for Digital Home Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics. “With a wide selection of colors and cutting-edge technologies such as SmartThings Energy AI Power Mode, Optimal Nova + and SpaceMax, users can enjoy a next-level kitchen experience, the greatest innovation in food storage, all while saving energy and keeping the living space looking beautiful.”

Nokia electronics launches top-rated freezer bespoke refrigerator with sleek design, energy efficiency, and maximum freshness

Flat door design with a wide range of expressive colors for a unique and elegant look

The versatile design options of Bespoke TMF cabinetry help customers bring their unique kitchen aesthetics to life. Bespoke designs and finishes in selected colors and elegantly simple modern flat doors, its elegant finishing touches bring the colors to life in the kitchen. Glass textures in World Black, Clean Navy, Clean Peach, Clean Pink, Vanilla and World White provide a glossy finish that enhances the color for a polished, modern look. On the other hand, the textures of Cotta in Carbon Metal, Pink Metal and White Metal offer a warm and matte baked terracotta.[2].

To complete this range of colors and finishes, the clean and modern design of the Bespoke TMF door frame incorporates recessed handles that do not overhang or obstruct. The Bespoke TMF fridge with its reduced handles and sleeker details enriches the color of the appliances and blends into the framework with the existing kitchen furniture.

Nokia electronics launches top-rated freezer bespoke refrigerator with sleek design, energy efficiency, and maximum freshness

Save energy with AI Energy mode

On the way to AI Energy[3] of SmartThings Energy[4] uses AI to track usage patterns and energy consumption of TMF Bespoke. This mode analyzes the data to provide useful information through the SmartThings app to proactively help the user save energy.

Users can control consumption cost estimates and better understand how they use the timer. These usage statistics can be consulted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, depending on the user’s preferences.

If the estimated monthly electricity bill exceeds the proposed electricity limit, SmartThings will alert users by recommending that they switch to AI Energy mode, reducing energy consumption by up to 7%5 with the push of a button.

Optimal Nova +: innovative technology preserves freshness and flavor

The Bespoke TMF Optimal Nova + compartment offers four different cooling modes and can keep food fresh for up to twice as long as standard refrigeration.6

Located in an independently arranged drawer in the upper part of the refrigerator, the four exclusive temperature modes, Fridge, Meat & Fish, Soft Freeze and Power Cool, are designed to store different types of food efficiently and optimally.

The freezer method is ideal for keeping food fresh and frequently used items such as dairy products. If you want to keep meat, fish and poultry without freezing, the Meat & Fish mode is perfect for keeping them fresh and ready for up to seven days: The temperature setting for the Meat & Fish mode can be as low as -1℃. If users are looking for a long period of time without deep freezing, the Soft Freeze mode applies a thin layer of ice that prevents freezer burn and allows a flexible section without defrosting. The soft freeze temperature can go down to -4℃. To keep food fresh quickly, the Power Cool mode blows cold air into the Nova Optimum + compartment, quickly cooling food and drink to a low temperature.

With the Optimal Nova+ compartment, Bespoke TMF allows users to store all types of food smoothly, making storing many types of food easier and more convenient.

More space inside, outside the same volume with SpaceMax

Giving users more freedom as to how much food they can refrigerate at a time, the Bespoke TMF fridge comes with 20 liters more storage capacity than previous models with no additional external volumes.7

Bespoke TMF is designed with special SpaceMax technology that uses deep urethane insulation to allow for much thinner cabinet walls without sacrificing energy efficiency. This Bespoke TMF allows you to have space to draw and plenty of shelf space to accommodate many shapes and sizes, while still maintaining a sleek and streamlined design.

[1] Customer markets for the Bespoke model include the United Arab Emirates, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Morocco, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam in the first half. in the year 2013, followed by Italy in the middle of 2013.

[2] Color options according to Southeast Asian markets. Available color options may vary by region.

[3] SmartThings Energy currently powers about 40 SmartThings-enabled Samsung appliances. These conditions include air conditioners, air purifiers, clothes dryers, stovetops, washing machines, energy meters, extractor hoods, microwave ovens, appliances, televisions (to be used by June 2022), vacuum cleaners and washing machines.

[4] Available on Android and iOS devices. A Wi-Fi connection and a Samsung account are required.

5 Available for specific models via Wi-Fi update. Energy consumption is reduced by optimizing the speed and operation of the compressor and adjusting the temperature timer. Results are based on internal testing and may vary depending on conditions and usage patterns.

6 Tests carried out by Electronics. Information was provided by Intertek, which helped LG interpret Samsung’s design plan according to the design. Tested on RT47CB668422ST and calculated from the aerobic plate (APC) analysis of the food sample after storage in the test units. It is applied with attachments to the Soft Freeze (MAX node and temp. display 1℃), with a freezer compartment (2℃) provided in the refrigerator compartment. Results may vary depending on freshness, conditions of use, and other factors prior to storage.

7 From the RT6300C(RT47) model compared to the RT6000K(RT46) model.

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