North Dakota MLA ready to resign, mother on investigation

North Dakota MLA ready to resign, mother on investigation

Bismarck, ND ( Associated Press) — North Dakota’s longest-serving state senator declined to comment Tuesday on whether he was the subject of an ongoing investigation following a report that he went to prison on child pornography charges. Had a business of text messages with a man.,

Republican Senator Ray Holmberg previously announced plans to resign on Wednesday, six months before the end of his term.

“There is a time,” Holmberg told The Associated Press on Tuesday when asked why he was abruptly ending his 46-year career.

Police and federal agents confiscated video discs and other items in Grand Forks From Holmberg’s house in November

“One of these days the rain will stop and things will go on,” he said, elaborating.

Homberg said he planned to attend a luncheon with some current and former lawmakers on Tuesday. He plans to turn in his state-issued computers and legislative certificates that include access to the state capitol on Wednesday.

Holmberg has been one of the most powerful lawmakers in the Legislature for decades, serving as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. He presides over the Legislative Management Committee, which decides the functions of the committee and chooses the subjects of study that often motivate legislation four times.

The 79-year-old was the Legislature’s top traveler for at least the past decade – a period when he held a position that allowed him to approve his travels. The records of his state-reimbursable travel during the last three decades of tenure are incomplete or no longer exist.

He also sits on the state’s emergency commission, which allocates funds and resources in times of emergency, and serves or chaired several GOP-led redistribution committees.

When he announced in March that this would be his last term, he said the stress of one session and one campaign “will only exacerbate a weakened ability to focus on current affairs and recall events effectively.”

Many North Dakota Republicans praised Holmberg at the time, including Governor Doug Burgum.

Holmberg will remain on the Legislature’s state-funded health insurance plan through July, a benefit that totals about $1,425 monthly.