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Thursday, May 6, 2021

North Korea warns America after Biden’s statement

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New Delhi: North Korea warned that the United States would face “a very serious situation”, as President Joe Biden revealed his intention to maintain a policy hostile to it, citing North Korea as a security threat.

In his first address to Congress last week, Biden called North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs “a serious threat to America’s security and world security.” He said he would work with colleagues to resolve those problems through diplomacy and strong condemnation.

A senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official, Kwon Jong Gun, said in a statement, “His statement clearly reflects his intention to enforce a policy hostile to the DPRK, as it has been for more than half a century by the US Was. “

“Now that the main objective of the new DPRK policy of the US has become clear, we will be forced to push for similar measures and over time the US will find itself in a very critical situation,” said Kwon.

Kwon still did not specify what action North Korea would take. His statement can be seen as an attempt to pressure the Biden administration, as it is shaping its North Korea policy.

The White House said Friday administration officials completed a review of US policy toward North Korea, stating that Biden is planning from the point of view of two of his most recent predecessors, as he plans to halt North Korea’s nuclear program Is trying

In January, Kim threatened to expand its nuclear arsenal and manufacture more high-tech weapons targeting the US mainland, saying the fate of bilateral relations would depend on whether it abandoned its hostile policy .


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