Not even Mourinho can change the dynamic

“Not even Mourinho can change the dynamic”

Carlos candle Mexican striker LAFC in the Major League Soccer didn’t just reject it Mexican team several times, but also sent “messages” to them Mexican Football Association. This time the former player of Real company spoke about the current situation Tricolor from Jaime Lozano which, in his opinion, still has no basis for success.

For Carlosif in the FMF It is not clear to them what is wanted for each project Jaime Lozano In Jose Mourinho You will be able to change reality Mexican team. To do this, managers must conduct a thorough analysis to identify and respond to any mistakes made.

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“You have to see what happens from deep for these bad results to occur. In the end, not even.” Jimmy Lozano and Mourinho You can change the dynamic of a team and say, “Everything is perfect now.” There may be a time when things are better, when things are won and everything seems nice, but we will move on to the next thing “, he explained. Vela for the middle “The opinion“.

Likewise the end of the LAFC pointed out that it is necessary to set goals for the World Cup 2026 because it’s not just about improving what has been achieved Qatar 2022 but also try to get as far as possible.

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“In the end you have to see where they want to go, how they want to get there and set a path so that everyone can go in the same direction and we can see that our country is successful, which is what all Mexicans want. This is me.” Since we are a very positive person and have enough time to improve, we must first try to improve what is Qatar And then from there you try to get to the top,” he said.