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Note writing, reports and publications, data summarization and simplification of laws: this is how companies such as Jobantlent or Expensya are starting to use ChatGPT in Spain

It’s been a blast, but a real one. Unlike what happened with the metaverse last year, a technology still in its infancy is calculating whether it will be able to pay the huge checks that spread high hopes around it, with AI What happened in recent months reveals an increasingly stark reality: it’s here and it’s here to stay,

In fact, it’s been around for a few years now, but it wasn’t until tools like ChatGPT came along. Automatic word processor adopting GPT-3 AI model, Developed by OpenAI, that hasn’t been able to make a definitive leap towards artificial intelligence Mainstream,

In other words, ChatGPT, a platform that’s so easy to use that it allows even the most inveterate technophobes to have a good time with it, has given it the sticker of being accessible to all audiences that so many coffee lovers have so far eluded to. Had coffee.

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Users know this, they’ve been satiated for weeks by some websites that, until recently, didn’t allow free access to this AI, and of course, more and more companies are thinking these days. How to use the technology with such immense potential in the right way.

Alejandro Esteve de Miguel Anglada, CEO of scale up Biggle Legal, a company that offers CLM software (for its acronym in English, Contract Lifecycle Management: allows the dynamic and systematic management of contracts in an organization) to automate the legal operations of companies, invents Surprised by

“We’re not using it with anything related to our software, but its potential is huge and we have many departments they are already checking it“, Identify.

Specifically, technology company CEOs state the importance they place in their marketing departments. Use AI to generate additional ideas in content creation.

Does this mean that the company can use ChatGPT to generate all its slogans? Not necessarily: “The answers provided by ChatGPT are correct, but they certainly shouldn’t be used; each company should modify them to give them a specific spirit, meaning, and tone.”

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At Expensya, an expense note automation company, they’ve also been closely following OpenAI’s progress for some time, its CEO, Karim Jouni, acknowledged in an email.

“Like all innovative companies, we are our first guinea pig when it comes to testing new ideas and concepts. Therefore, we have started using OpenAI across all teams in the company to test where it can be more efficient,” explains Jouni.

And he elaborates: “For example, our marketing team now uses it to quickly generate the first version of a blogpost, to translate articles into another language. We used it to write the first version of this response.” Have also used OpenAI.

But Expansya is also testing OpenAI beyond its internal processes. First, you are testing the first version of the chatbot for the sales team.

“We are frequently contacted by businesses asking what is allowed as an expense or why a payment has been declined. We partnered with Microsoft to Integrate expense bot in Teamsso that all employees can ask their questions directly there,” says Jouni.

Thus, the answers will be given by a system based on OpenAI, whose algorithm has been trained with all the documents that are part of Expensya’s customer spending policy.

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To this they hope to soon add an automation tool for reimbursable expenses and the integration of OpenAI into the optical character recognition engine that today allows them to automatically convert images into data such as receipts.

“We have integrated OpenAI into our system and the results are impressive. For the languages ​​we have already covered, Our error rate has been reduced by over 50%Providing more information than ever,” Jouni says in his message.

“Without huge development and training efforts, we now cover all other languages ​​including Arabic, Japanese, Chinese and Thai with OpenAI. This means we can serve our existing customers even better and ultimately There are barriers to our product being truly global”.

JobsandTalent, for its part, is a new Spanish unicorn that claims to be a job platform that has helped place 320,000 workers in more than 2,500 companies in various sectors in 2022. Much of the blame for these results lies with a patent-pending algorithm developed by the company and hosted in various repositories.

“We believe in the power of AI and we use it to drive or support a broad spectrum of processes and functions with the goal of creating better user experiences for our employees and customers,” says Jobbundtalent.

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As a result, for now this translates into the use of AI that tries, among many other things, to understand to what extent a position is suitable for an employee and to predict whether new users will be interested in a certain position. Will like or fit.

In this they add internal equipment GPT-3 is based on models such as ChatGPT and Whisper,

Some examples are AI-fuelled customer support, an AI with a history of customer service questions and answers that will create models capable of handling the most common interactions, and the SQL-Builder chatbot, an AI that will be integrated into the warehouse infrastructure. of data.

Finally, Jobentalent is developing AI Documentation Knowledge, an AI trained with a set of internal documents that is expected to be able to explain the internal processes, legal concepts and complexities that prevent understanding of some contracts in the near future .

Jarvis, the future of AI at the company

For many fans of superhero comics, the most special thing about Iron Man is neither its hero, Tony Stark, nor the steel suit that allows him to fly, but Jarvis, the highly intelligent central computer that controls the hero in every way. Takes care of him by giving him things. whether the information is sought or not.

Until a few years ago, Jarvis seemed like a product that could only exist in science fiction. Eventually, humans developed search engines such as Google, but they limited themselves to providing (sometimes brief and inaccurate) answers to requested information.

Because, compared to a whole Jarvis, Google isn’t much: no intuition, no perception, its memory barely enough to launch clumsy predictions about what each person is going to see and its opaque algorithm. Gives rewards and punishments many times without any apparent reason existing.

According to this former senior manager and current CEO of the Neeva search engine, “We’ve tolerated tech products that exploit us for far too long.”

The development of AI is taking the potential capabilities of search engines to the next level.

Jesús Cristóbal, professor at the Online Business School, expert in AI and director of QLink technology consulting service, knows this very well. These days, among other things, he’s devoting himself to developing a chatbot that acts as State-of-the-Art Analytical Instruments,

In practice, this can be translated into a tool that allows businessmen not only to ask, for example, how their company is doing on the stock market or what its stock level is, but also to ask for advice on how they should What should be done, do continuity.

Yup, pretty much what Iron Man does with Jarvis.

Although rudimentary, some efforts have already been made in this direction: Consulted by business InsiderChatGPT has recently launched a Stock Asset Management Plan in the context of this slowdown.

The AI’s advice, which boils down to looking for refuge assets like bonds or sovereign debt and diversifying risks, isn’t too far from the advice an expert might give.

Despite the more than promising progress, Cristóbal lowers expectations about possible impending change within Spanish companies: They say they will reach the technology, but it will still take time to do so.

“We’re not getting very close yet. I ask all kinds of pros and a lot of people either don’t know what this technology is or have read strange things. For many, it’s just a curious thing.” is that it is there. Companies tell me it’s still too earlyWho does not dare, who does not know how it goes”.

The other extreme of this mindset is represented around the world right now by Microsoft, a tech giant that has finally seen an opportunity to dethrone Google.

This is the reason why the company founded by Bill Gates has invested a whopping $10 billion in OpenAI. BET has speculated, for example, about the possible integration of ChatGPT into Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

How will it change the life of companies? David Hurtado, a professor at ISDI Business School and someone who has been at Microsoft for more than 20 years, has spent weeks trying to shape the answer.

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“More than half of the meetings I have with companies these days are about the potential use of tools like ChatGPT. I had a meeting with a multinational company the other day and we got over 100. When we simplify the list, We will see that there are actually about 20, different from each other. but 20 uses is already a lotHurtado tells Business Insider Spain by phone.

In the most frequently used chapter, Hurtado imagines a device that, like Stark Industries’ central computer, is capable of not only providing information directly from the Internet, but to handle it through a simplified summary and explanation,

“In fields like construction or maintenance, it will be possible for AI to take technical machinery manuals and turn them into conversations or explanations. We’ll be able to get tons of technical documentation off the streets that a man has to read today.” and synthesis. The computer will tell companies, for example, which tenders are most interesting.”

Along the same lines, the expert imagines that in a short time it would be possible, for example, to learn the ins and outs of a clause of a contract in a matter of seconds, or spend only a few minutes a day to understand it. The most important thing is that BOE brings with it.

Will this mean the end of a profession like journalism? for Hurtado, not necessarily: “An AI will not replace us, but someone who knows how to use it well. Because misused, of course, it can become a tool that gives us very bad information.”

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