November 24, 2023. Dengue situation in Costa Rica. 22,561 cases

 November 24, 2023. Dengue situation in Costa Rica.  22,561 cases

On Costa Rica cases of dengue experienced a remarkable increase in the year 2023, reaching the total 22,561 cases through November, representing more than triple the number of cases reported on the same date last year. This situation caused the Ministry of Health to issue a health alert since September, in an effort to prevent the spread of this mosquito-borne disease. Temples of the Egyptians.

Health authorities emphasize that, despite this increase, a decrease is expected in the coming weeks with the arrival of summer. However, surveillance has been continued and control actions have been intensified, such as fumigation and elimination of mosquito breeding areas, especially in areas with the highest incidence of the disease.

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More information about dengue in Costa Rica

  • Serotypes circulating in the country: DEN-1; DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4. April 2023, the 4 serotypes were reported for the first time in the country
  • Status report:
    • 2023. November 6 18,194 cases; Interventions in July in the Huetar Caribbean Region, the Central Pacific Region and the Chorotega Region, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste. June 10 2587 cases; June 2070 cases; April 974 cases; March 581 cases, Huétar (167) January Presence of serotype 4
    • 2021. August,
    • 2020. November, September, July, May, April
    • 2019. 8,179 cases. December, June.
    • 2018. 2,735 cases
    • 2013. 4,993 cases (1 death).
  • The first case was reported in the country in 1993.
  • Between 1993-2013 there were 23 deaths.
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