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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Now make WhatsApp Web and Desktop account secure with your face and fingerprint, company launches new feature

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On one hand, there is opposition to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. On the other hand, the company is constantly adding new security features to its app. Now the company has rolled out the additional security feature for WhatsApp Web and Desktop, which means that when these users attach their accounts to the computer, they will get another security layer. Now, users will also get Face and Fingerprint Unlock feature while connecting their WhatsApp to web and desktop, which means that no other person will be able to open their chat.

The company says that before scanning the QR code to connect your account to WhatsApp Web and Desktop, users will now be asked to unlock the face or fingerprint on the phone. Right now, users simply scan QR code and login to WhatsApp on desktop or web.

No one will be able to misuse your account

If you talk about now, in the absence of users, if their phone is found by someone else, then they can easily scan the QR code and login to their laptop or desktop account. In such a situation, this new security feature of WhatsApp can save people from this kind of trouble. With this, WhatsApp says that this face and fingerprint authentication on the device of the users will be handled by the operating system of their device and WhatsApp cannot access this biometric device.

This is how you can use the new security feature

This new security feature will soon be rolled out with the new design of the WhatsApp web page present in the phone. Earlier, the company has given information about how to use it. So let’s know how you can use it…

– To login to WhatsApp web, WhatsApp desktop or portal, you have to scan the QR code from your phone. After this, you click on the three dots on the right and upwards in Android and go to the iPhone user WhatsApp settings.

– Click on its WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Web / Desktop. Android device users have to click on LINK A DEVICE. After this, if your phone biometric authentication, then follow the procedure shown on the screen. At the same time if you are using iPhone, then go to Link a Device and click on OK.

After this, go to the QR screen portal provided on your computer or portal and click on Keep me signed in so that you will be logged in. Apart from this, you can also logout whenever you want.

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